problem with wmp54g?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sargejnr, May 17, 2006.

  1. sargejnr

    sargejnr LI Guru Member

    hi am new to the board and dont know if im posting this in the right section, so forgive me if im wrong and a bit long-winded

    i have wireless broadband setup in my house,a small bungalow, between the pc in the living room which is connected to the main router, and the pc in my dads room. he already had a network card installed in his pc (wireless LAN PCI 802.11 A/B/G adapter WN5401A) and all was going fine. he could download stuff and had a good speed even though the wzc icon in the system tray says it has a poor signal strength,but the speed is 54mbps.

    now heres my problem........i recently got a new pc myself and put it in my room, and bought a linksys wmp54g v4 pci adapter to allow me to connect to the wireless broadband network. got it installed, and after trying a few times, got the drivers off the cd installed, with the drivers being updated to after running microsoft update. everything was going fine until yesterday, when all of a sudden the speeds has dropped quite considerably, more like that of a dialup or 128kbps connection. the wzc icon in the system tray has a signal that has not dropped to less than very good, but the speed keeps changing to quite low, usually staying within the 9-18mbps range, with the connection now and again(though not too often i think) disconnecting and reconnecting in a matter of a second. is this a problem to do with the pci adapter that i am using, or is it a driver issue or something else? i can still take the wmp54g back to the shop as i have the receipt etc if needs be

    sorry for the VERY long post, just dont want to leave anything out

    any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You should not have installed the driver from the Windows Update site. The driver on the Linksys site is Are you using any type of encryption on the router? Do you have the SSID being broadcast? Do you have any 2.4Ghz cordless telephones in the house? They can interfere with the signal from your router. What OS are you runnig and what SP level are you at? Are you using WZC service?
  3. sargejnr

    sargejnr LI Guru Member

    i downloaded the driver from the linksys website, and it said,but after installing the driver(after uninstalling the other one) it says driver version

    on the router, the encryption being used is WEP,and i have to enter the network key before connecting to it

    the SSID is being broadcast as far as when it says there are wirelss netowrks in range, it comes up as the network name

    i do have a cordless phone in the same room as the wireless router, not too sure of the frequency, will definitely check that one out. the router itself is maybe around 8-10ft away from the phone socket where the cordless phone base is situated

    am using windows xp home edition on service pack 2, just installed windows two days ago and updated it all to sp2 and the latest updates

    i am using the windows xp wireless zero configuration service, its the only way i can actually connect to the wireless network as even if i try using the linksys software or ralink,it asks for either a 10 or 20-something wep key, and my router uses a 13 character key

    using the ralink wireless utility to view my signal strength and link quality, the strength is usually good ~60%+ but usualy around high 80s-low 90s, and the link quality is usually weak-normal,around high 30s - low 40s

    have also started to experience the connection dropping a couple of times an hour,maybe even only once or twice,only to be automatically reconnected within 1 second

    one of the things i dont get is why im having these problems, and my dads pc,roughly the same distance from the router,never has any disconnections and from the speeds he gets, id imagine he gets a pretty high link quality,even though my signal strength is pretty much always stronger than his

    is it simply a case of different network cards or is it something else?

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