Problem with WRT330N - Wireless Signal Dropping

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Paintball, Apr 18, 2008.

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    WRT330N Problems - Wireless Signal Being Dropped

    Hello Everyone,

    Hello Everyone, I bought the WRT330N Wireless N Gaming Gigabit Router from and it arrived here yesterday. It shipped with the 1.00.3 firmware and I updated to 1.00.4. Well even after that upgrade I am having a problem with the wireless signal being constantly transmitted. The router itself still processes the internet from my modem because I was us my pc connected with a wireless g usb linksys network adapter and I lost wireless connection (this never happened with my old wireless g linksys router so its not the network adapter) but my skype phone which is plugged into one of the router ports was still working. So I was wondering is there a way to fix this problem or do I have to get a new router? I read 1.00.3 was supposed to fix this problem but considering the fact that I bought the router with this firmware already installed and I still have the problem the update did nothing. Also I am using PSK Personal AES wireless protection. Do I have to use a wireless N adapter in conjunction with the router to have no problems? The box for this router said to pair the wireless n router with a wireless n adapter for optimum performance. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm sort of frustrated right now.

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    I have a wrt330n and I was having issues with the wireless signal being dropped, turned out that as soon as heavy data traffic is being sent through it, it would drop all connection and reset the connection. Its not the wireless router itself but the firmware as I did not have this issue with the firmware until I updated to 1.00.4. I now use wrt330n as a router and disabled wireless feature and I have no dropped connection.

    Sad that Linksys cannot get this fixed and also they dont acknowledge this issue as I spoke to a representative about this.

    We will have to wait on a future firmware to see if this is fixed...bah...
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