Problem with WRT54G and WET11

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by PeteA, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. PeteA

    PeteA Guest

    Hi all,

    I've just (as in today) replaced my old BEFSW11F4 router with a new spangly WRT54Gv5.

    My setup is as follows:

    X-Modem <-> WRT54Gv5 <-> {Number of wifi enabled laptops}

    WET11 <-> 10/100Mb Switch <-> {Number of 100/1000 PCs}

    I've had no problems with this setup using the old BEF router, but now have a real weird problem with the WRT one. The problem is that after 5~20 minutes of working without any hassles, the WET11 seems to crash the 10/100 switch. Its nothing is pingable from machines connected to the switch. Hard-resetting the switch (ie unplugging) sorts this out, but I've no idea why in the world this would be happening.

    Is this a known problem? I've not updated the new routers firmware (from 1.00.1 to 1.00.6) as nothing seems to suggest that this is the problem - however this is the only component that has really changed...

    I work in I.T. and commonly do networking at work (along with loads of other things), so don't class myself as a dunce, but this has truly got me stumped!

    any help would be appreciated :)


    pete a
  2. shells

    shells Guest

    Hi PeteA,

    WET11 units will disconnect after a few hours of operation

    for WET11 V1 try to upgrade the firmware in the bridge
    firmware version 1.54.
    and download it from

    hope your issue will resolve soon ................
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