Problem with WRT54G doesnt work with DDNS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by TMAC, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. TMAC

    TMAC Network Guru Member

    The DynDNS support in my WRT54G does not work. The router doesn't support all database fields at, and by only updating certain fields with, the remaining unfilled fields are cleared. This is a Linksys issue, not a DynDNS issue, and I've done my research.

    The DynDNS support also lacks a "forced update after xx days with no update" feature, which breaks what little support Linksys has for DynDNS.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    mine updates fine..
    set as dynamic with wildcards..
    i think it would updates all ur services for that account

    at least mine has for the past 1yr or so
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    This is claimed to be fixed in Thibor's version of Hyperwrt, I'll find out in a couple of weeks time!
  4. TMAC

    TMAC Network Guru Member

    what firmware are you using? is that the default for router, or did you updated at the linksys website?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thibor's version of Linksys 4.70.8 with Hyperwrt. This is 3rd party firmware have a look over in the Hyperwrt forum. NB apparently works on somw WRT54G, but I have a WRT54GS 1.1
  6. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Linksys firmware 4.70.8 4.30.2 and dyndns

    wrt54gs 4.70.8 and higher
    wrt54g(L) 4.30.2 and higher

    These firmwares have the new DDNS setup, some of the new fields will be blank after a firmware upgrade.

    A problem in the original firmware from Linksys is the monthly update for dyndns. I think this problem does also apply to the older firmwares.
    Dyndns need an update by a wan-ip change and should have an update at least every 30 days. Today most internet providers don't change ip numbers at lot anymore. (this for easy user logging.)

    The effect is that the update isn't initiated by a wan-ip change, this means a forced update is needed every 28 days. The forced update is missing in the original firmware.

    The Hyperwrt-14 and Tarifa b018 have this forced update.

    Tarifa firmware.
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