Problem with WRV54G and QuickVPN

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by daveg955, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. daveg955

    daveg955 LI Guru Member

    The WRV54G has 2.39.2 firmware. QuickVPN is 1.1.0.

    I'm trying to establish a VPN connection from my computer to the router. The router is in an office a few miles away and I have remote web admin access to it.

    I'm using a broadband cable connection.

    I followed Toxic's post (7-14-2006) on how to set this up. According to this:
    In the SETUP page of the router:
    Internet Connection Type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP (I can't do this because the office has been assigned a static IP from the ISP)
    MTU: Auto (done)
    Time Setting: (set for local time zone)
    The internal DHCP server in the router has been disabled.

    IN the SECURITY->VPN Page:
    IPSec: Enabled
    PPTP: Enabled
    L2TP: Disabled
    Toxic's post said to disable the remaining settings on this page, which I've done. I'm letting QuckVPN take care of the IPSec policy.

    Using a simple username/password combination

    In the APPS & GAMING page:
    No port forwarding is being used

    The post says to enable HTTPS. I cannot find this anywhere in the WRV54G router or any mention of it in the user manual.

    SNMP and UPNP are disabled.

    On my machine, IPSec service is started. I do not have any other VPN clients on my machine that I'm aware of... nothing that I specifically loaded.

    I have disabled my firewall.


    When I run QuickVPN, it (1) tells me it's connecting, (2) gives me a warning that the Server's certificate doesn't exist on my computer [I click 'no' to quit connection], (3) very quickly tells me it's provisioning, (4) then activating policy, and finally (5) that I'm connected.

    On the router, I see under Status->VPN Clients that I'm connected. However, under Security->VPN, it indicates that the status of the VPN is "down." After about five minutes, I will get a message on my computer that the gateway is not responding, although QuickVPN still indicates I'm connected and Status->VPN Clients on the router still indicates I'm connected.

    The objective of this setup is so that the people in the office (who travel frequently and also work from home) can connect to the office network and move/copy files from their respective office computers to their laptops. This "seems" to be a very straight forward thing to do, but it's driving me nuts.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I actually put the Quickvpn setup guide together; Toxic recopied it over to that area of the server because I didn't have access :)

    Enabling "https" is only for the RV0xx routers; it's not required for the WRV54G. Try loading quickvpn version 1.0.28; it seems this older version has been quite functional for me as of late. Additionally, there is a newer version of quickvpn out (1.2.8 I believe).

    Yes, it is straightforward for the installation, but the protocol surrounding quickvpn is still being "mucked about" with due to everyone moving to vista...

  3. daveg955

    daveg955 LI Guru Member

    Thanks. I'll give that a shot and keep you posted on what transpires.
  4. daveg955

    daveg955 LI Guru Member

    I just went to the Linksys site looking for the older version of QuickVPN.
    I guess I'll have to Google it... unless you have link to it.
  5. daveg955

    daveg955 LI Guru Member

    OK, Jay... I need some clarification after reading through several posts; yours and others. I'm getting confused.

    I'm getting the impression that negotiates/takes care of everything in the VPN Tunnel section of the Security->VPN page of the WRV54G; that the only thing of importance on that whole page is configuring the VPN Passthrough. Is this correct?

    - - - - -

    Here's where I am now: I couldn't find QuickVPN 1.0.28 but I did find 1.0.39. So I gave it a shot. Now QuickVPN hangs on "Verifying network" although the router shows I'm connected. I have to kill the QuickVPN process in Task Manager. Even when I do that, the router still thinks I'm connected long afterward forcing, which means that I have to kill the connection in the router.

    Another curiosity is that with the 1.1.0 version, I wasn't able to see my computer in "My Network Places" whereas I can with 1.0.39.

    It hangs on "Verifying network..." regardless of my firewall being enabled or not. I know there are several posts related to the "Verifying network" anamoly and I will investigate those.

    Again, any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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