Problems Connecting Shiva LanRover

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by giantinasia, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. giantinasia

    giantinasia LI Guru Member

    When I connect my Shiva LanRover (remote access server for use with dial-up connections) to the LAN inside my RV016 I start losing my Internet connection through the RV016.

    The Shiva is used by one of my remote users to access our network using a phone line from his house. The shiva doesn't need an Internet connection, nor is it visible from the Internet. It only needs access to the internal email server inside our LAN so he can get his email.

    The connection from my LAN to the Internet through the RV016 via a T1 works very well. But approximately one minute after connecting the Shiva remote access server to my LAN, I lose our ability to browse the Internet.

    I've tried Linksys support but they have not provided a solution. Let me know if anyone has an idea.

  2. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Wow, it has been a very long time since hearing about the Shiva. I can't remember much about them except they did work well and I've never heard of it knocking down internet on the remote endpoint. My only guess is that you have a misconfiguration. Perhaps something like somehow getting a route that is sending your non VPN traffic (or DNS) back to the Shiva end. Are you sure that you are routing only the intended traffic and that there aren't any conflicting subnetting when the tunnel comes up? And for interest are there any non TCP protocols running like IPX?
  3. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    It's not something really stupid like the LanRover has the same LAN address as the RV016?
  4. giantinasia

    giantinasia LI Guru Member

    I believe Internet-bound LAN traffic gets routed to the Shiva when I put it on my LAN and that is the problem. Do you think I should put the Shiva on a WAN port or LAN port?

    The Shiva LanRover and RV016 have different addresses. I've attempted to put the Shiva on a LAN port, on the same subnet as my LAN but then I lose my Internet connection on WAN port2 (WAN port1 is shut off).
  5. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    oh wait, the Shiva is on the same physical network as the RV? And you're trying to use it for a dialup user to gain access?
    You would then want to plug it into a LAN port of the RV. The device needs a non conflicting IP address on the same subnet as the rest of the network and probably needs a default gateway setting to the RV like the other machines have. It sounds like it has the same IP as the RV and is why it seems to kill the internet.

    I don't remember how the Shiva hands out an IP when the user dials in but it can't conflict with other addresses in use. It should also hand out an address that is in the same subnet as the rest of the network.
  6. giantinasia

    giantinasia LI Guru Member

    Yes, and yes.

    The Shiva has a unique address that is on the same subnet as my LAN. So I know that should be OK. I've configured the Shiva to give out pre-assigned static addresses, on the same subnet as my LAN, to each remote user account on the Shiva, so that's OK too.

    However, I agree that it sounds like I may have a conflict somewhere.

    In a previous configuration I had the Shiva on my physical network when I used a Cisco 2611 router for our Internet connection. There were no conflicts at that time and it worked perfectly. My network addresses are essentially the same, including the same gateway address.
  7. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    So with the Shiva plugged in does the default gateway address on the local PC's change?
  8. giantinasia

    giantinasia LI Guru Member

    No, the default gateway does not change on the PCs.

    But I noticed that the RV016 changed it's routing table when it discovered the Shiva on the LAN. I will post a copy to this forum thread of the changes to the routing table the next time I try to attach the Shiva. It may take me a day or two before I get a chance to do this.
  9. giantinasia

    giantinasia LI Guru Member

    Hi Pablito and TazUk,

    I was able to clear up the problem after messing around a bit and observing the system log and routing table changes.

    In case you are interested in some details here is what I did:

    I first noticed the address for the Shiva was being added to the routing table about two minutes after I attached the Shiva to a LAN port and rebooted. I also noticed in the system log that the Shiva was sending UPD traffic on port 520. I assumed, correctly it seems, that the Shiva was advertising default routing info and the RV016 was picking it up and putting it in its routing table.

    I believe the entry in the routing table was causing my Internet connection problem. To prevent Shiva's routing info from getting to the RV016 I am blocking ALL traffic on the LAN port from the Shiva, except POP3 traffic to the email server.

    This is currently working great. All of my LAN traffic can reach the Internet and email is coming in from outside. I can send and receive POP3 mail from my email server through the Shiva. I can also administer the Shiva from the LAN.

    Thanks for your help and ideas. You got me thinking in the right direction!
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