Problems using QuickVPN with Verizon EV-DO

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2006.

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    For months I have been using the Linksys QuickVPN application to connect to a WRV54G-based VPN using wireless-g. All works fine.

    I recently purchased a Lenovo Z60t with built in Verizon EV-DO (Sierra Wireless MC5720).

    The EV-DO connection works well except when using QuickVPN to access my WRV54G VPN router.

    QuickVPN displays it's usual messages "Connecting...", then "Activating policy..." and finally "Verifying network...". But then the program freezes up.

    Ironically though, the VPN connection is actually established as I am able to map network drives, etc.

    But QuickVPN remains hung up and never shows that it has completed the VPN connection.

    Even the task manager will not terminate QuickVPN and clear the "Verifying Network" message off the screen.

    I've contacted Linksys tech support buy they say it's not their problem since a wireless-g VPN connection works OK. They suggested a new driver for the wireless card.

    I have updated all the latest drivers and software, but it was no help. Verizon and Sierra Wireless tech support are clueless.

    Any ideas as to what the problem is using QuickVPN using the EV-DO connection?

    All other internet access using the EV-DO works seems to work ok.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone might provide.
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