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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rtogami, Jan 21, 2011.

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    This is my first post, but I've been reading this forum from time to time.

    I'd like to ask for some help, please!!!! Have you guys had bad connections with (not so) long cables and EG005w?

    I got a WRT54GL router and it's working great with 2 desktops and 3 wireless notebooks.

    One desktop is actually a home theater PC and the other is my main PC, I'm trying to add a EG005w to use gigabit lan and transfer big files between these 2 computers.

    My main computer, cable modem, router and EG005w are in the same table and the HTPC is located one floor bellow (20m CAT6 away).

    So, before getting the EG005w, the desktops were working on lan connected by CAT6 cables to the router.
    Then I connected the router and the main PC to the EG005w and it worked... after that I connected the CAT6 from the HTPC downstairs and... nothing! The LED from EG005w's port I just connected didn't even blink. No matter what port I use, the LED don't light, no network activity downstairs or in this port on the switch.

    Tested the cable with a cheap Chinese cable tester (led lights) and later with a better instrument (it reported the cable got 21.3m), both tests returned OK. Anyway, rewired 3 times (using CAT5, CAT6...).

    I performed several tests and nothing.
    Tried a lot of different connections and this switch just doesn't work. From the results of some tests, I believe it's too underpowered for cables this long (although it's supposed to work all the way through 100m).

    If I take the EG005w downstairs and connect it to the WRT54GL (with this 20m cable), the switch works (but it's limited to the 10/100 port on the router).
    Heck... I even bought another EG005w, I thought the first one wasn't working, but this second EG005w got the same problem. Tried to connect the 2 EG005w with this 20m cable and still nothing. Tried to cross the cable (supposedly this switch got auto-detect ports and it shouldn't matter).

    Linksys support couldn't help me too... I had this problem for some time and it pisses me off.
    Anyway... have you guys had a similar problem with EG005w? Or is there anything I might have missed???

    I was thinking about buying a new gigabit switch... do you guys have any recommendation (assuming it will work on 20+ meters for sure)? Would like to buy a 16 port, 8 ports being the best option.

    Thanks! Sorry for the long email, hope it's not too boring...

    Best regards!!!!!
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