Problems with firmware update WAG354G Annex-B ! Please help!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rotarum, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. rotarum

    rotarum LI Guru Member


    i have problems with updating the latest firmware for my new linksys router wag354g annex-b.
    at moment it has firmware version 1.01.03.
    from linksys germany page i have downloaded the latest firmware 1.01.05 (ETSI).
    when i start flash it finishes after 5 seconds and says firmware update succesfully.
    but when i login on the router there is still the old 1.01.03 :(
    can anyone imagine where the problem is ??

    please help !!! :)

  2. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    was that 1.01.03 the factory fw?

    ps: the nickname suggest me something...r u the one that I know?
  3. dpm123

    dpm123 Guest

    Not only you :)
    I upgrady my WAG354G annex A to firmware 1.01.05 but DDNS not work corectly
    degrade firmware to 1.01.03 successfully and ...
    now I haven't upgrade to 1.01.05 or 1.01.09 :(
    If I upgrade ...upgrade successfuly after 5 sec (tftp too )and version of firmware ar stil 1.01.03 :(
    any sugestion ?
  4. rotarum

    rotarum LI Guru Member

    i have mentioned this problem in another thread. now i will do it in my own thread again.

    why is it impossible to flash new firmware on the wag354g ???

    i am not the only one with this problem so it MUST be a general problem with this router model !
  5. tdrakos

    tdrakos Guest

    Same problem

    My ISP provider located in Greece suggested to upgrade with his modified firmware to overcome some problems with frequent disconnections.
    After changing the provider I realized that I could not connect to my new provider since the ax ISP had locked the firmware. I decided to load the only firmware for Annex B I found on the Linksys FTP Server and unfortunately was German.
    Since then I cannot revert to the English language even trying to flash with older or newer firmware version. The router has been locked to German and any attempt to flash the firmware with HTTP or TFTP while reports successful the language and version remains the same. Any suggestions ?
  6. icest0rm

    icest0rm Network Guru Member

    I remember I had a similar problem time ago, while I installed fw 1.01.03 on it, I couldn't anymore upgrade to 1.01.05...

    I solved using TFTP for installing the firmware but had to do a strange trick to make it keep the new firmware, it was resetting the router keeping hold the reset button for some time (don't remember how many seconds) and launcinh TFTP immediately after the reset, that way it got the firmware...

    I'm sorry if I don't remember precisely well all the passages but was a long time ago when I did it...
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