problems with the torrent in WAG54G V2 =(

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sLm4ever, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. sLm4ever

    sLm4ever Network Guru Member

    hey ...

    I have a weird problem and it's driving me crazy :( .... it's been weeks since I'm trying to know how to solve it ...

    anyway ,,,

    I'm using linksys DSL modem and router (WAG54G) ...
    my DSL connection speed was 128Kb and everything was ok ... (and by "everything" I mean direct and torrent download)

    but now I'm having 256Kb speed ... direct download is wonderful ... but with torrent !! the modem is disconnecting every 60 seconds !!!

    solutions I tried :

    I tried a 256Kb connection with another ISP .... the same problem :(

    asked one of my friends (with the same ISP as mine) ... and he has no problems at all (but his modem is Alcatel / Thomson Speedtouch 510 v4)

    tried many other things like changing the Azuerus port ... disabling the UPnP ... limiting the number of connections ... but nothing :thumbdown:

    see this screenshots :
    see how awful the torrent downloading ... while the direct is downloading at full speed without and disconnection :(

    see the torrent downloading with a 128Kb connection speed !! .... slow but it didn't disconnect even once :eek:

    PLEASE!!! what should I do :( .... because I'll kill my self :sadbye:
  2. sLm4ever

    sLm4ever Network Guru Member

    using Firmware Version: 1.00.19
  3. thedrill

    thedrill Network Guru Member

  4. sLm4ever

    sLm4ever Network Guru Member

    thankx but I think that every thing is fine now :thumb:
    by limiting the number of connections + downloading just 3 or 4 files at the same time .... not 19 files :grin:

    by the way =\ .... can I use WAG54GV2-UK frimware for my EU version .... I don't think so .... have they relased a EU version <.< ??
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