Problems with the WRE54G wireless expander

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Pendragon, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Pendragon

    Pendragon Guest

    Alright, I recently acquired the WRE54G wireless expander to, well, expand my wireless network. However, the "Link" LED remains red, indicating that it is unable to connect to the router. I have checked multiple times to confirm that I do indeed have a compliant router and that it is within range, and I also updated the router's firmware to v3.01.3

    Unfortunately, Linksys's support is rather lacking. The "manual" (just a .pdf file) has a meager troubleshooting section, and the "knowledge database" did not answer my question. Before I tried anything else, I was curious to know if anyone knew how to fix my problem, as I may just be incompetent.

    Now, Auto-Configure clearly does not work, as the LED is red. So I decided to try the manual setup using the disc they supplied. The utility was able to locate both my wireless network and my wireless expander, but when I got to the end of the setup, I got an error message that said "Cannot associate with this AP in repeater mode."

    I do not own an access point (other than the one integrated in the WRT54G), so I'm not sure exactly how I disable repeater mode and if I should.

    Can anyone offer any insight?
  2. bummpr

    bummpr Network Guru Member

    Try going through the configuration with the units sitting right next to each was the only way I could get mine to find each other and link up.

    After this setup, I found I could easily move my WRE where I needed it...plugging it back in at it's final resting spot and they linked up OK.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Turn on SSID broadcast on your WRT54G and disable wireless security.

    Place the WRE54G repeater neat your WRT54G router.

    Plug in the WRE54G and with a paperclip press the reset button.

    Press the auto-configuration button on the WRE54G. You should get both LED's to blink Blue.

    At this point startup your browser and type in the IP-Address 192.168.240. You should be prompted for a password.

    Enter admin as the password.

    You should be at the WRE54G configuration screen.

    Your routers IP-Address should be set-up and check to see if the MAC Address of your router has been setup. There are three address associated with your router. Check the bottom of your router for its MAC Address the MAC address of the Wireless router is the highest. The last three character pf my router MAC address is 698. The MAC Address pf the wireless is two chars above that so it is 69A. The MAC address are in hexadecima.

    The SSID should be set up to match that of your router and the channel should also match.

    At this point if any of the setting are incorrect change them and save the settings. You should change the password to access the repeater and save the setting. This will require you to logon the repeater again.

    Set the security setting of your repeater to match what you will set in your router. It only supports WEP and not WPA-PSK. Save the setting and you will lose the connection to the repeater at this point.

    Reset the security setting in your router. If you have MAC Address filterling in your router enabled. Make certain that the MAC Address of the Repeater is listed in the list of computer allowed to associate with the router. Of course if you have MAC address filter enabled you should have had the MAC address of the repeater in the list of MAC addresses first or the auto-configuration will not work.

    Power the repeater up and down and you should have the two LED's blinking blue.

    At this point the repeater is completely configured and you can move it to where you want it. It should be at the highest poit you can get it and it should be at the edge of the range of the router. It will repeat the signal to any wireless computers beyond the range of the router.

    Note that it defeates MAC fillter of the router, since it retransmits the packets with its MAC address. It also halves the bandwidth of the router, since it has only one anttenna and radio. If the router capablle of 22mbs you can get a maximum of 11mbs. If you can live this these limitations use the repeater otherwise use some hacked firmware such as HyperWRT and increase you power output,, but remember as you increase the power, you increase the noise levels. You can change the antennas on the WR54G to increase your range also or combination of solutions can be used.
    You should have your router at the highest point you can mount also,

    Good luck. I hope this helps. The new WRT54SX promises increased range and bandwidth.
  4. olp

    olp Guest

    I had the "always red" problem with my WRE54G. I finally called Linksys and seem to have got a fairly knowledgeable support person. He advised there has been many issues with the WRE54G and that most are due to incompatablites with the router using latter version of firmware. He advised that (for my WRT54G v1.0) the firmware ver 2.02.7 as the least problematic. I went ahead and downgraded to that version and have had no issues. Good luck.
  5. hal9000

    hal9000 Guest

    I had the same problem and I finally got my WRE54G to go from red to blue. After trying everything imaginable I loaded firmware version 2.02.2 in my WRT54G and it now works perfectly. I read a couple of posts on other forums stating that 2.02.2 is the only version that seems to work. You can download it here:

    Good luck.
  6. Pendragon2

    Pendragon2 Guest

    Downgrading worked beautifully, except recently I've noticed that my connection will drop every 5 minutes while playing an online game. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    (for some reason, I couldn't log on as Pendragon)
  7. clarv02

    clarv02 Network Guru Member

    WRE54G can not associate with this AP in repeater mode

    I took the advice of one of the posts I read and changed the beaconing from 100 to 50. I also don't know why it works, but it DOES WORK!! The WRE54G went from red to blue right after the change. Sweet! Hopefully this won't cause other problems.
  8. clarv02

    clarv02 Network Guru Member

    WRE54G can not associate with this AP in repeater mode

    Well, the blue light went out and red is back on. I guess the beaconing did not make a permament difference. I still don't know what's wrong. I have a WRT54G router and the WRE54G range expander, and they were both working fine up till the other day when our power went out a couple of times. I'll keep trying.
  9. tompirlet

    tompirlet Guest

    Hi, i've got the blue red problem, and i can't connect to the WRE54G.
    I don't have a WRT54G router but another router from a different mark, my advisor told me i could use the WRE54G at all routers. Can anybody help me?
  10. orteaga2k2

    orteaga2k2 Guest

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