Problems with Thibor15c and my WRT54G

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Meetloaf13, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Meetloaf13

    Meetloaf13 Guest

    I am running:
    v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c [May 12 2006]
    WRT54G v3

    I just upgraded from HyperWRT v2.

    I can no longer get any decent servers in Counter-Strike (Steam). Before I had several (> 50) with a ping lower than I have 2 servers showing up lower than 100.

    All else well left the same (firewall, anti-virus, etc) besides the firmware upgrade, and Steam worked just fine. (it might help you to know that my router was a bit unstable before I upgraded, I would have to change channels in order to reconnect after it dropped me..I have had no such incident since switching to the Thibor, yet) I have all the ports correctly forwarded, and I tried the QoS (which Steam insists to turn off). No go, once I get into a game, my ping all all over the place, and renders the game unplayable. This happens whether I am connected wirelessly or with ethernet cable.

    When I run the SpeedTest on I get:
    Wired: 9000+ kbps down
    Wireless: 2700 kbps down

    Interesting thing is that my laptop with the Wireless-G card and my laptop with the Wireless-B card BOTH get 2700 kbps. Almost all settings are at default, and my wireless-G notebook says its connected at 54Mbps.

    So, I have two questions/problems...
    1 - why isn't Counter-Strike working any more?
    2 - why isn't my Wireless-G connection outperforming my wireless-B one?

    If anyone know what might be going on, I would really appreciate the help.

  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

  3. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    Ok, there were some funky malfunctions with my account so I made a new one. Hennie, Yes I have tried the port thing with both my firewall and fact I even turned off my firewall to see if it made a difference.

    The important thing to realize is that everything worked BEFORE I upgraded to the new firmware (except my wireless connection would drop occasionally). And afterwards, Counter-Strike servers stopped showin' me the love...I used to be able to find tons of servers where I pinged under 60, now I only have 3 under 100. So, I think something is up with the firmware, but i could be wrong.

    I am open to any and all ideas/suggestions. Thanks!
  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Did you reset your router to defaults before and after the firmware upgrade? If not, try that, and DON'T restore a configuration from a previous firmware.
  5. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    When I upgraded to Thibor 15c, I Restored the Defaults and cleared the NVRAM...since then I have restored defaults...I did not restore defaults using the previous version and before I upgraded. But wouldn't clearing the NVRAM take care of ANYTHING remaining?

  6. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    ok, I just (for kicks) cleared the NVRAM and set to default, then I uploaded Thibor15c. I then cleared the NVRAM and set to default again, and stilll not acting like it should =(
  7. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I give up..., but some last effort things to look at.

    What you might try, getting to your G vs B phenomena, is to set your WRT to "G only" under the wireless settings.

    Can you connect directly to your modem, without going through the WRT? If so, try that, and see what sort of ping times you get. Then put the WRT in the loop again, and compare. That will surely tell you if the high ping times is a result of the WRT.

    If so, perhaps try different (lower) MTU settings, a different type of protocol if possible, and whatever other changes you can make. Keep track of those changes though, as one quickly gets strangled between what you have tried and what not.
  8. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    :p I'll have to mess with it. I'm trying to get my network All on G...and thanks for your help
  9. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    Hmmmm...I didn't think this problem would be such a doozie. Is there any information I can provide that would help provide me more suggestions?

    I've tried the router in G-mode only, and no speed increase was realized.
    With some doing (MAC spoofing) I connected directly to the cable modem, and my pings are back to normal. So, it is either the router, or the firmware. Keep in mind that before switching to Thibor 15c my pings were fine, I just had some mild packet loss/choke problems. Also, I know it's not just the wireless b/c when I plug wired into the router my Speedtests perform identical to being wired into the cable modem, but my pings are the same as if being connected wirelessly (4x the bandwidth going from wireless to wired into router and STILL no increase in pings).

    Why stay with Thibor you might ask?...since switching I have had no connection drops, which is important since I divvy up my wireless to a few paying neighbors.

    Any and ALL help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Are you not perhaps doing double NAT and/or double firewalling, i.e. NAT in the WRT and NAT in the modem?
  11. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    I'm not too familiar with NAT...that just gives me local IP addresses doesn't it? To answer your question, I'm not sure...if HyperWRT v2.1 DIDN'T do this and Thibor 15c does this by default, then yes, I guess I am. But I don't know that my modem does that? How would I find out this information?

    Update: I found under the WRT's firewall the option to "Filter Internet NAT Redirection" I checked the box and no change.

    Thanks again
  12. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I assume your WRT's address is something like 192.168.x.x. Now check if your modem's address, the interface that's connected to the WRT (not the internet side), has an address in one of these ranges

    172.16.x.x thru 172.31.x.x

    If so, your modem MUST be doing NAT (Network Address Translation). In this case, you can make your WRT become a "router" under Thibor's "Setup > Advanced Routing". This then makes the WRT not do NAT.

    I'm not sure if that will speed up your connection, but it's worth a try.

    Alternatively, if your modem is also a DHCP server, plug the modem into one of the LAN ports of the WRT (not the WAN port), and see if you can get an IP address, and then connect to the internet with your PC.
  13. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    You do realise that the theoretical 54Mbps only achieves 20Mbps real thoughput with only 1 router, one client. If more users the same bandwidth is divided between all, and in a mixed b/g there is a big loss of efficiency as there lots of trafffic just to manage all the connections. If you have upped the transmit power and have picked up more 'customers' (with weak reply signal strength) the same 20Mbps gets divided many times and will give high pings.
  14. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    I'm running a Motorola surfboard sb5120 cable modem. I do not think it is doing any NAT or firewalling, or DHCP, my WRT receives the IP from's a 24.xx.... I believe. mstombs may be on to something, but still, when I'm the only person connected I see no performance increase...this may seem odd, but in CS I am getting some decent pings again. I did not change anything, it just started happening. I'm beginning to think that Steam had me connecting to a server list in the East or something...who knows. I'll keep you posted with any changes. Thanks!
  15. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    The time I had a problem with steam was when I changed channel for my network. Either one of my phone/appliance or a neighboor must have bothered channel 1. When I changed to channel 11, I've seen great decrease in pings.

    Ping and bandwidth are about independent. Ping is how fast your packet can go and return to a server. Bandwidth is how many packets can do it in a given time. If we use the car analogy, ping is how fast the car can go and come back and bandwidth is how much content the car can carry.

    Anyway, I would advise to check if changing channel helps otherwise, look if any of your neighbours connected with a wireless B card.
  16. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    Well, I just acquired WRT54G v5 (I know v5 = YUCK) I got it for cheap. My pings are back down to normal...but I'm still getting some "Choke"...I know it relates to packet loss, it makes gameplay pretty crappy...I guess I better get in a different forum for this one. Thanks for all of your help...I am going to try and hook the two routers together Wirelessly with WDS...BUT...I have a v5 router, is there ANY way I can do it with HyperWRT, or do I have to use DD-WRT instead?
  17. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    A couple quick things, wireless b is quite capable of doing around 7Mbps to the internet so until your internet speed are in excess you will not see a noticeable difference between b and g. You will however see a huge gap when it come to transferring large files across the lan. As to the firmware why arnt you using thibor16 instead of 15. I dont remember what all the issues were but i know there were quite a few with 15.
  18. Meetloaf

    Meetloaf LI Guru Member

    Thibor15c is the most recent version available for a WRT54G router as far as I can tell. But, I'm going to have to change gears anyhow, so I can use DD-WRT to get my WRT54G v5 router bridged with my WRT54G v3 router...sounds messy
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