problems with thibor15c >> problems with me not knowing how to use it properly

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by drunknmunky, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    After doing a speed test for my broadband connection
    my connectivity is


    i'm currently using thibor15c on a wrt54g
    there are 3 users in total on this network
    2 wireless, 1 lan line

    win xp, sp1

    bit torrent is my main focus of concern, as i can't get the speed anywhere near what its supposed to be. I must say that previously using Tofu, I didn't not have these problems.

    Contrak connections at maximum of 8192
    mtu set auto at 1500 (no mtu change option on network card driver)

    Bitcomet listening port set to 1720
    qos upstream bandwidth set to 50 kbps
    qos priority set to bitcomet as highest

    port range forward for bitcomet is from 1000 to 30000
    port triggering for bitcomet is the same, from 1000 to 30000

    start script from utorrent applied
    system is encrypted and only 3 ip's are recorded by the device list of the router.

    end results:
    speeds no higher than 30kb/s on each computer, speeds no higher than 30kb/s even if its only 1 computer.

    if you guys could point me in the right direction... PLEASE .. that would be great.

    - Billy
  2. japie101

    japie101 LI Guru Member

    hi there, when setting the QoS upstream limit, isn't that kbit/second instead of kbytes/second?

    try setting that value higher or on automatic (using that myself with good results)
  3. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    yes, after i had posted i realized that and I had changed the settings to 10000kbps upstream bandwidth

    but no change has occured
  4. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    hey guys, help please, help

    now it seems to not be sending any packets to my network card and i know its not a problem with my network card because when i plugged it in direct line to my modem it worked.. changed ethernet ports, no change.. help help help
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