Problems with WPS54GU2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by dsinister, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. dsinister

    dsinister Network Guru Member

    Here's my set up - I have a desktop and a laptop. I have the WPS54GU2 print server, the w'less router WRT54GS. The desktop prints fine as the wless print server is connected to the wless router which is directly connected via ethernet to the desktop. While the laptop connects fine to the router, I cannot get it to connect to the print server. I suspect this is because the WLAN light is not illuminated, but when I have attempted to correct that (by unplugging the power and Ethernet cable), I lose the connection to the print server at the desktop. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  2. demisoda

    demisoda Network Guru Member

    when you disconnect the router & back again the IP given by the router to print server will change. Check the new IP assign by the router again using the print server setup CD of the setup wizard to see what IP have been assign to the print server so that u can access it again.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The printserver, when connected to the WRT54 is getting its ip-address directly from the the router. You have to set up the printserver to connect to wirelessly to the router at that time. You have to set it up by using the setup wizard , using the Biadmin Management Utility or using the Web setup. If you are using the setup wizard it guides you along the steps. You have to setup the wireless part by specifying the SS-ID, channel, and infrastructure. You have to set the security to match that of the router. It only supports WEP, so for now you cannot use WPA-PSK. Make certain that you specify the same key length and key. In addition, if you hare filtering by MAC address in your router you must have the MAC address of you printer server in the list of PC's that are allowed to connect to the router. At this time you have power down the printserver and power it backup without the ethernet cable connected to the router. The power down must be more that thirty seconds. The WLAN light to be on and flicker on and off. You now have it connected wirelessly. You must do the power down and up.

    To use the Biadmin management utility have the printer server connected to the router. The utility should detect the printserver. Select the printserver and enter the default password of the value "admin" to configure the printserver. Again set it to DHCP or a fixed address outside the range of the addresses the your router is assigning if you are using the router as a DHCP server. Set the printserver to the SSID, channel and infrastructure mode. Set up the security to match that of the router. Again if the router is doing MAC address filtering add the MAC address of the printserver, see above. Select the and re-initialize, but do not reset it to thje default factory setting. Power the printserver up and down after disconnecting the ethernet cable. Search for the printserver again using the utility. If you can find it you are connected wirelessly and you can move the printserver to were you want to use it, but within the range of the router.

    The cebsetup is problematic, it does not always save the setting properly. You can use it, but only after you have set the printserver up, using the setup wizard or the Biadmin management utility. You must know the ip-address of the printserver, if you are using the router as a DHCP server you can go to the status selection, choose local network and DHCP clients you can get the ip-address of the printserver. You must do power down and up onthe printer server with the ethernet cabe disconnected and make certain that the printserver can connect. You should change the password of the printserver. The printerserver does not support all in one printers and had problems with some epson printers. If you use an epson printer you have to setup a printer spool on your computers.
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