problems WRT54G and TIVO

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by danylati, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    i changed my old us robotics 8022 (802.11b) with a WRT54G V4

    but i have problems with tivo and TivoToGo, with the old us robotics i transfer programs in 450 kb/s, 1 hour program in 1 hour

    but with the WRT54G i transfer in 150 kb/s too slow
    my firmware is DD-WRT 23B2, i changed all in the config but is the same. i test with the original and Hyper-wrt and is the same.

    in the tivo i have the WUSB12 (802.11b) adapter, my tivo is Pionner 810H dvd-rw (275) v7.2

  2. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    .... :sad:
  3. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    I had somewhere around 1Mbps (1GB in ~2 hours) from Tivo to a PC. A PC is wired and Tivo is wireless Linksys USB B adapter.

    I have not transfered any shows since changing firmware to DD-WRT v.22r2. The numbers above were with HyperWRT 2.0.

    I use highest quality setting in Tivo so my 1 hour of video takes more space than your setting.

  4. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    yeah i have the same setup but why i only transfer at 150 kb/s
    i tried with original firmware and hyperwrt TOFU 7, and is the same
  5. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Check wireless signal strength in Tivo. Supposedly the best transfer speed with Tivo is by using WDS and a wired connection from Tivo to a WDS node. Users report faster than real time speed for highest video quality. This translates to more than 1.6GB in 1 hour.

    I do not have USB-Ethernet adapter from Tivo approved list so cannot test it. Currently I connect this way:

    Tivo --USB--> Linksys USB-802.11b ----> WRT54G --WDS--> WRT54GS --wire--> PC

    Try to do straight HTTP download from Tivo to eliminate TivoToGo client.

  6. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    yeah is the same setup.

    tivo---> usb---> linksys usb 802.11b (wusb12)---> wrt54g v4 wired to pc

    and i don't know how to download with http
  7. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

  8. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    yeah is very interesting,
    but i have the same slow speed transfers, only 150 kb/s

    i think i return the linksys and buy another one
  9. anotherlab

    anotherlab Network Guru Member

    If you want to go wireless on a Tivo, you'll want to offload as much as the network processing as you can. The Series 2 CPU is a MIPS processor running at around 160 mhz, not fast even by WRT standards. When you have it handle the 802.11g and WEP protocols, it can't keep up. And it doesn't support WPA at all.

    Instead of using a USB wireless adapter, I opted on using a USB ethernet adapter (Linksys) and connecting that to a SMC wireless bridge. My Tivos think they are on a wired network, the bridges handle the 802.11g and WPA protocols. Plus the bridges have a more powerful radios than USB adapters.

    It costs more, but I have had zero problems with that setup. Since the bridges have their own mini http servers, configuring them is a piece of cake.
  10. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    It might be cheaper to use other WRT54G with dd-wrt firmware as WDS node and WiFi-Ethernet bridge.
  11. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    now i check with my laptop(802.11b) and have very low transfer speed, i think is a bad configuration in the router
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