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    Now that I have an FTP server setup on my Unslung NSLU2 (don't forget to forwarded ports 20/21 to the NSLU2).... in addition to the typical web access over the internet to the files and configuration (port forwarded 8080 to the NSLU2).

    I would like to know when some one is downloading something, or if it is possible to have some sort of access logs.

    I was thinking of some how integrating support for the free WebSTATs into the html page, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that, or even if it would work.

    If I log onto my NSLU2 through ftp (anonymously), I can browse to the following directory:


    This is where the html pages for the browser configuration pages appear to "live." Of course, I can't upload them because I am logged into it anonymously. So my first question would be how to I log in with admin access? That is if this is possible. I can't seem to figure out if it is, and what username and password I should be using.

    So assuming I can get admin access... this is what I am thinking. I could dowload the home.htm file and then add in the the neccessary Code Tags for WebSTATs to work. And then I would just upload the altered html file replacing the old one.

    Maybe this wouldn't work... or maybe there is any easier way. Any one out there have any ideas regarding this?

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