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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Woodfield, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Woodfield

    Woodfield Network Guru Member

    I have just migrated to ZA Internet Security Suite 6 from Norton Internet Security 2005. All has gone well except for a serious printing problem that I have been unable to resolve.

    Printing works fine to an Epson Photo 750 printer via NetGear PS105 print server.

    However, it does not work at all to an HP LaserJet 1010 via LinkSys PSUS4 print server. The printing process appears to start OK, but then hangs:
    - power recycling is required before the printer can be used again
    - the application (e.g. MS Office 2003 SP2, Firefox, IE) stops responding and must be closed via the Task Manager.

    The PC is running Windows XP Pro SP2 with all patches and security updates applied.

    This is a killer - I shall have to revert to NIS if it cannot be resolved. Has anyone seen this or any similar problem before? Any ideas what I should try next to investigate the root cause?
  2. Woodfield

    Woodfield Network Guru Member

    Re: PSUS4

    No response! This is as expected - ZoneLabs & LinkSys were unable to help either. Ah well, I shall have to drop ZoneAlarm - back to Norton Internet Security.
  3. Woodfield

    Woodfield Network Guru Member

    Progress! It is the ant-virus module in ZAISS that causes the problem, not the firewall.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get round this?
  4. Woodfield

    Woodfield Network Guru Member

    This problem is still present in the latest version of ZAISS: v6.5.722.

    The print server may be reset using the BiAdmin facility - it is not necessary to recycle the power.

    Has anyone else seen this problem or found a work-around?
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