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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by n00by, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. n00by

    n00by LI Guru Member

    Hello Everybody!

    I'm sharing my Internet connection with my neighbour and this went fine. But the problem is, that he can see all my smb shares and my complete network.

    He is connected to my wrt54g trough wlan with an own Acesspoint.

    No it would be glad if i can disconnect his subnet from mine. I already read that this would be able trough vlan.
    I also try to config it with dd-wrt, it works smooth, but is there any way to config this with tomato?
    Didn't want to change my firmware because im happy with it.

    So it would be great if anybody can help me,

  2. ecnav

    ecnav Networkin' Nut Member

    From what I've been reading, you cannot do that on Tomato. The best you can do is to put 1 ethernet port on its own VLAN (+ the WAN port), and bridge it to another router/AP to provide the wireless to your neighbor.
  3. n00by

    n00by LI Guru Member

    OK, i solved the problem, it wasn't very easy but there is a why to disconnect the wlan from the rest of the lan and but both in their own subnet with dhcp running.

    If there are any interessts i can post a solution.

    best regards
  4. spookyneo

    spookyneo Networkin' Nut Member

    I am interested, yes. Please post your solution.

    Thanks !
  5. n00by

    n00by LI Guru Member

  6. bogderpirat

    bogderpirat Network Guru Member

    seems to basically be this without the 3rd and 4th iptables-lines. for those who don't want to open a chunky pdf ;))
  7. n00by

    n00by LI Guru Member

    Damn and i didn't found this post before. :wink:
  8. bjnas

    bjnas Networkin' Nut Member

    Have modified the configuration according to the instructions, worked perfectly. The laptop receives a correct IP as in the script, but everything does not work anymore.

    In network connections, the laptop sends lots of packets, but not back.


    ping to and 1 19 now work.

    here the basic setup


    and the connenction br0


    and the DNS Script


    Thanks for your help, do not know where it jams.

    My Linksys WRT54GL
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