QoS and Icecast

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Highspeedy, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Highspeedy

    Highspeedy Network Guru Member


    how is it possible to set a QoS-Roule for the Icecast protocol ?

    Setting a Shoutcast is simple.

  2. acidmelt

    acidmelt LI Guru Member

    If the wikipedia page is not mistaken, icecast uses the shoutcast protocol for streaming mp3/aac/nsv so the layer7 filter for the shoutcast protocol should work just as well for icecast.

    for the other types of content like vorbis/theora which are streamed over http you cant just filter by the protocol type because that will catch many other things aswell, something that you probably dont want.

    the best and simplest thing would be to set a qos rule to prioritze traffic from the streaming computer on the port youve chosen your icecast server to listen on (src ip/port), this way is more accurate and less demanding on the cpu.
  3. Highspeedy

    Highspeedy Network Guru Member

    I will prioritize ingoing traffic and selecting the layer7 shoutcast protocol did not work.

    Testing with a mp3 stream from lounge.fm in Austria (www.loungefm.at)

  4. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    well 1 thing to note is qos is not 100% effective. if your line upstream/downstream rates are too low, its all the harder to shape traffic (=

    and yes, port-based qos works better in my experience (=
  5. Highspeedy

    Highspeedy Network Guru Member

    Yes, of ourse, you´re right. But my problem is the port 80 incoming to the client which will be use on my information by the icecast protocol.

    So it is impossible to select a port based qos. Port 80 is also http and I want a higher priority for the icecast protocol than http.
    I want reduce the breaks of the stream if someone is using http by Firefox or IE .....

    And it works correct with the shoutcast protocol on the Tomatoe firmware in the router, so I think it is a problem of the L7 pattern of the icecast protocol which is not programmed into the firmware. The firmware did not recognize the icecast pattern.

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