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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rizsher, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. rizsher

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    I've got a couple of queries on QoS. I've setup Class A in QoS, allowing 2-10% on Upload, and 50-70 percent on Download. I then setup a QoS Classification, as shown in the attachment, puting the MAC address of the machine I use for torrents, and the Port number (10500) I've bound TCP/UDP traffic to in my torrent client, Azureus. The queries I have are:

    1) Does QoS work such that ALL Class A traffic will ALWAYS only have access to 2-10% of the maximum upload, or ONLY when there is other higher priosity bandwidth requirement, would Tomato throttle Class A to the limits?.

    2) With the way I have setup the QoS Classification, i.e specified MAC Address and Port number, do QoS rules work on AND, i.e ALL traffic from MAC Address XX.XX.XX.XX at Port 10500, or traffice from Mac Address OR Port number?.

    3) If I've fixed the port number in Azureus, and forwarded that particular port to the IP Address of the machne runnning the torrent client, is that the most efficient way for QoS, or L7 layer?.


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  2. Pawel35

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    It should, but you need to enable some Torrent traffic and simply check

    I think that port number has more to do with it

    Better is to setup by IP port. L7 filters sometimes losing some pockets, especially when torrent client using encryption (maybe they change something recently, but IP is better).

    Also important is where in classification you will put this rules (QOS is working by checking all rules from top to bottom of the Classification table). If the packet will be cached by earlier rule then next one will not be checked (for example you have five rules of QOS classification 1,2,3,4,5 if the TCP or UDP packet will be cached by rule 2, the rest 3,4,5 will not be checked).

    I hope that I did not confuse you. Please someone correct me, if I am wrong
  3. rizsher

    rizsher Network Guru Member

    Thansk for the reply pawel. I have fixe Azureus to port 10501 (TVP and UDP), and enabled port forward to the internal IP Of the machine running Azureus. There is a NAT/Firewall test in Azuerues which tests if the ports are avaialble. Initially the test returns success, however,after running for a while (not sure HOW long), the test starts to fail, and retursn the following msg:

    "NAT Error - Connect attempt to xx.xx.xx.xxx:10501 (your computer) timed out after 20 seconds. This means your port is probably closed."

    Does it mean the router is failing on port forwarding after sometime?.
  4. rizsher

    rizsher Network Guru Member

    I setup a new QoS rule, put Port 10500 (both UDP AND TCP) as Class A. Configured my torrent client, uTorrent to use Port 10500. QoS seems to catch MOST of the Port 10500 traffic to Class A (see Attachment Rule Working), but a LOT also goes to "Unclassified" (See Attachment Rule Not Working". I thought maybe the rule was only catching TCP and missing out UDP, but thats not the case either, as the working screen shot shows both TCP and UDP connections (and the "Unclassified" on Port 10500 ALSO contains both UDP and TCP Connections, just not showed here)

    I have Tomato v1.11, is that a problem with my setup, the firmware??.

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  5. der_Kief

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  6. rizsher

    rizsher Network Guru Member

    Thaks for the suggestion Der... I had thought about it, had these been internal LAN to Router connections, the source and destinations IPs shoudl've been 192.168.1.x range, however, as you can see, the external IP addresses are all public IPs... in anycase, I went back and Checked the "Avoid Displaying LAN to router Connections" box just to be sure. It didn't help as the Unclassified lines are still there, with (The ip of the machine runnin the torrent client) as Source addresses, and various public IPs are destination addresses.
  7. chadrew

    chadrew LI Guru Member

    I believe it happens when you close the torrent client, and the peers will still try to connect to you for while (sometimes it keeps happening for hours). I'm not sure but I think Tomato will give those unclassified status (since these are just connection attempts).
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