QoS Does not seem to work on dd-wrt 23

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by LaZyPhOoL, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. LaZyPhOoL

    LaZyPhOoL LI Guru Member

    Recently I setup the QOS since my gf's niece is going to live with us. In the first night, she downloaded over 1GB worth of stuff throttling our network down so I figure I'd try this. But it might be that i'm doing it wrong, but so far, nothing's changed. Her wireless connection seems to be getting all the bandwidth while I'm hardwired to the router (through lan cable) is barely getting 28.8 dial up like connection. What's worse, I'm timing out constantly whenever I try to connect to the router to make adjustments or trying things out as long as the wireless connection is on and her connected.

    These are the settings I've tried, since I'm with charter, I've got a 3mb down and 256kb up. So the setting for QOS is (on safer side) 200 up, and 2050 down. I've set the priorities for http (port 80) to be premium along with aim/msn/pop3, etc to be either express or premium. Bittorrent is set to bulk naturally. I've also got Mac Priority on to where the other computers are set at Premium and the wireless mac address as bulk.

    The above doesn't seem to help so far, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

    edit: odd that now I turn off QoS it actually worx ok until she starts downloading like a maniac, before, even if she wasn't downloading, i'd still be really slow with QoS enabled...i'm confused, i'd like to be able to use QoS to control her BT without having to watch over her 24/7
  2. tievolu

    tievolu Network Guru Member

    Remove the MAC priorities and the premium service priorities. All you need to do is set the Bittorrent protocol to bulk. Just make sure she's not using any encryption on her BT client, or the QOS filters won't work.

    You're also setting your bandwidth to be a little low. For a 3Mb/256kb, I'd set the values in the QOS page to around 2800kb/220kb. Make sure you're using the HTB packet scheduler.

    As for the unresponsiveness of the router, read this page in the wiki (note solution 1):


    Also, get your GF's niece to configure her BT client sensibly:

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