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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mvsgeek, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. mvsgeek

    mvsgeek LI Guru Member

    I'm a Tomato newbie, so I post this with much trepidation, fearing the derision and contempt of the Tomato/Toastman gods...I've googled extensively before posting this, but here goes anyway...

    In my rural wireless network, the farthest users from the Main Router (the one connected to the Internet) have to connect first to a local router in their homes, thence to a secondary, and finally to the Main. OK I know that 3 wireless hops using WDS is not recommended, but due to geographical constraints I have no option. I'm looking at WEB vs. WDS as previously posted in another thread, but that will be somewhere down the road.

    Question 1 : Does Tomato/Toastman QoS ONLY work on a WAN internet-connected port? I would like to implement QoS on one of the secondary routers, through which travels much upstream traffic en route to the Main Router. Right now that secondary router is like an interstate merge point with no controls, so it's first come first served. QoS doesn't come into play until the traffic jam reaches the Main Router. I'd like to apply QoS to the WLAN port on the secondary router. DD-WRT claims to be able to do this, but I'd rather not go there.

    Question 2 : In order to set the maximum upload bandwidth to Toastman's recommended 85%, I've run several speed tests using speakeasy.net and speedtest.charter.com (my ISP is Charter). Speakeasy consistently reports 4.7 Mbps upload, Charter 4.0. Who should I trust?

    Question 3 : What's the best way to throttle League of Legends players so they don't monopolize the bandwidth? Right now I'm doing it by MAC address, but that's rather inelegant.

    All routers are WRT54GL's. Main is running vanilla Tomato 1.28. 8 secondary routers are running Toastman 7625. The sole tertiary is running Toastman 7625.

    All feedback welcome :)
  2. jsmiddleton4

    jsmiddleton4 Network Guru Member

    I'm not a QOS guy so I'm just flapping my jaws here but can you put all those users on a VLAN? Or use ethernet bridge mode and then throttle that router. Doing so would throttle all connected to it.
  3. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    1) Yes, QOS is applied to WAN port.
    2) The fastest figure - this shows that the link to your ISP is capable of 4.7. If you get consistent 4.7Mbps upload, then set QOS to 4.7 x 66% - say 3200 (you may later increase that to 85% once everything is proved to work OK). 66% works very well for Games/VOIP etc. Same with incoming limits, try to keep around 66% of maximum. If you don't have anything that needs low latency, then increase to 85% is usually optimum.
    3) I see no point at all in trying to apply QOS on the other routers. That makes things extra complicated. By using the WAN port as something else rather than the internet connection you are double - NAT'd. UPnP won't work. And so on. WMM (google this) will take care of much of your LAN priorities if you enable it. QOS will automatically prevent too much LAN traffic anyway.
    4) A quick web search for LOL showed:
    • Ports TCP 2099 and 5299
    • Ports UDP 5000-5200
    But if these are blocked I think that the game will probably find a way to get around it. With no rules, these would in any case fall into the default class, along with P2P, and be throttled that way. But if the games starts to use port 80,443 etc then it's quite difficult to classify except by the IP or MAC address of the client. (Does LOL really take that much bandwidth? Most games take very little except when downloading updates etc. Not that I'm a games player, and I don't know nuffink ... ).

    You can also use the bandwidth limiter to apply individual limits on clients.
  4. mvsgeek

    mvsgeek LI Guru Member

    Thanks Toastman & jsmiddleton for the prompt responses.

    I had the outbound limit set at 3390, have now reduced it to 3200 per Toastman reco. I'll see if I get complaints from the usual suspects:)

    The LoL players connect to the same secondary router, so when there's more than one they may be stepping on each other's toes. When they're playing (thankfully it's usually in the wee hours) I've only seen traffic on port 80. Their bandwidth usage over the last 72 hours has been 3.1GB, which is 24.7% of the total for the entire network. During that period, 37 different devices have connected, of which only 2 have been the LoL players' computers. Since, like Toastman, I'm not a game player (although I once played Doom over a dial-up connection!), I have no clue as to whether 3.1GB in 72 hours is normal usage.

    BW Limiter looks promising, but it will have to wait until my Main Router gets upgraded from vanilla Tomato to a Toastman build.
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