Qos help, my http sites too slow.

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by pion, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. pion

    pion Network Guru Member

    what have i done wrong? sometime internet site doesnt load or very slow and sometime i can't get into routers page.

    my computer and brother's computer is using BitTorrent.

    My isp is TeleWest Blueyonder cable modem.


  2. chris-at

    chris-at Network Guru Member

    You've done nothing wrong (you could only add https, high, port443 if you like) but you only can handle upload-traffic with qos. You can do nothing on download-traffic.
    Now if someone is downloading big files from fast servers and is using up your download-bandwidth, then it's normal that webpages load very slow.
  3. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    I found a major error - you are using bitlord that is spyware. Unistall it and get bitcomet (the client that bitlord ripped off and added spyware too).

  4. pion

    pion Network Guru Member

    does tofo or any other HyperWRT support downstream Bandwidth?

  5. kaplanfx

    kaplanfx Network Guru Member

    There is a thread describing this problem:


    Here is a basic summary of the problem:
    By default, the linksys router will keep connections open for a really long period even if no packets are being transfered (something like a week or so). Bittorrent will establish tons and tons of connections, and the dead connections will build up until the routers memory is suturated with dead connections and additionally the processor/bandwidth will be used to keep checking all those old connections. By putting the following line:

    echo "600 1800 120 60 120 120 10 60 30 120" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_conntrack_tcp_timeouts 
    into your startup script for the router, you may solve the problem. the key in this command is the 1800, which stands for number of seconds to attempt to keep a dead connection alive before a timeout. Basically you will drop dead connections after 30 mins instead of a week or whatever the default is. This will reduce the bittorrent strain on your router significantly and should allow for smooth connections (also try limiting upstream bandwidth from within your bittorrent client to 80% of your total upstream bandwidth). After doing all of that my router has been basically flawless and really only bogs down when there are way to many "live" connections.[/quote]
  6. pion

    pion Network Guru Member

    i did put that code into my startup page before i submit this thread. but connection mess up after 2day of using the router.
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