QoS i can´t get it working

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by mpmpmp, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. mpmpmp

    mpmpmp Network Guru Member

    After several hours of searching this forum and testing my Qos settings i need your help.
    I am using a wrt54g V2.0 with Alchemy-V1.0 v3.37.6.8sv
    My computer is connected via cable to port 1
    I have a DSL internet connection with 1Mbit download an 128 Kbit upload

    my Problem is, that different "Services Priority" settings in Qos have no effect, e.g. if i set FTP to Premium the downloadrate is decreasing while surfing the web (http not set, should be equal to standard priority)

    Also if another computer is linked via wireless connection and a bulk Priority via MAC adress or Netmask it seem to have no effect. It gets the same Priority as the computer linked to port 1

    Here is another strange effect:

    If I set Port to WAN, uplink to 102 kbps and dnlink to 800 kbps the max. downloadrate is about 100 kb/s - seems to be right.
    If I set Port to LAN & wLAN, uplink and dnlink seem to be permuted so i get a max. downloadrate about 12 kb/s -> i think this is not normal

    Do i have to use "WAN" or "WAN & wLAN"?

    Please help me
  2. FalconYT

    FalconYT Network Guru Member


    I'm new at this myself, but I think I remember reading somehwere that the wireless and wired sections of the router are one and cannot be regulated by QOS seperately.

    You want to set up the QOS on the WAN side, if you do it on the LAN side you will kill the bandwidth. I did this myself with Talisman and tanked my bandwidth.

    I have not run Alchemy, I loaded Talisman on my router. QOS seems to be working well. My linksys PAP2 is set up on port one and I gave it a data rate of 256K on Port 1. (vonage only needs 90K) I set it up to premium via it's MAC address. All of my downloading ports, bitorrent, nntp and the like are set to bulk. Now I tested this setup downloading 4 files via NNTP, and uploading a file via e-mail and making a call to my cell phone. the voice quality was clear with no breakups at all. Without QOS I break up easily during multiple downloads.

    Now I am no expert I just used trial and error, but I am thinking that I set the device to premium and gave it's port 256K. So i am assuming it will get that bandwidth during usage. Must be working i am not breaking up any more. Possibly try setting a data rate on port 1 and FTP to premium and see what you get.. :)
  3. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    setting FTP to premium doesn't mean that if you're downloading something via FTP that everything else gets blocked while the FTP is in progress. It just means that the FTP connection is given preference. Everything else still gets some bandwidth, and obviously that bandwidth comes from somewhere. The whole point of QoS is to make sure that everything gets a better chance at a connection and that no one thing can monopolize the bandwidth available. Being able to give certain connections priority is another possibility, but this doesn't mean that those connections get free run of all available bandwidth. Just means they're given a bigger chunk. If you set FTP to premium and HTTP is just at standard, and you download something with both at the same time from servers that are both capable of saturating your line, the FTP will go faster.
  4. mpmpmp

    mpmpmp Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your replies.
    I was assuming that setting services to bulk, they don´t get any bandwidth if it used otherwise. I cannot believe that higher priorised service only get a better chance.

    This doesn´t seem to work for me. I cannot see any difference with or without QoS. I´ll inform you if i get any usefull results.
  5. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    well, I've got ftp and p2p stuff set to bulk here, and have all my games set to premium. My line maxes out at around 160KB/s downloading, and about 60KB/s uploading. I've set my bandwidth settings in QoS to about 85% of those figures (converting to Kbps, naturally) and when I've got some fast download going I can still, for instance, play counter-strike without the download really affecting my game at all. I've routinely had a 100+KB/s download going and still able to play CS without lagging/stuttering/etc. Naturally without the router's QoS this would be pretty much impossible for me, but it works quite nicely with it enabled. Hope you can get it working to your liking.
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