QoS not working w/WRT54GS v4

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by EDDYMERCKX, Jan 25, 2006.


    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    runing currently: Firmware Version : v1.05.6 - HyperWRT 2.1b1 + Thibor12

    OK, i bought this router exlusively to throttle bandwidth on my network for THE wireless client and I really only see options for wired clients by port, MAC, and app ports. The only way to make it tolerable is to totally block the clients inet access but I can't do that all the time. I could also tell him to throttle via his BT client but that totally defeats the purpose of buying this router. Point is, I'm tired of telling him. He doesn't even have ports forwarded and it's still getting through. Once I forward ports to his IP, total and complete line saturation. But enough about my roomie situation...

    Is there anything I can do to keep the single wireless client on my network from totally saturating our upstream with his constant bittorrenting???? Is there another version of 3rd party firmware that can accomplish such things, say throttling exclusively by MAC or IP for both wired and wireless clients?? Why wouldn't linksys include the same options for wireless clients?? really dumb I think to assume that only wired clients need be manipulated...

    Bottomline, I've had this thing for less than 24 hours and I'm pretty pissed. my line speed is 8mbit/768kbit and even with 50KB/S down and 30KB/S UP most things online are impossible, huge packetloss and ping spikes in Quake 3 and timeouts when even just checking email. I guess it's my own fault for not seeing that what I wanted to accomplish wasn't possible but since I've gone and flashed the router it's pretty much useles as far as an RMA is concerned. 8O :thumbdown:

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G V4 running Tofu, and the QoS works fine if you set it up properly, but setting it up is tricky.

    First, read this to understand how QoS is working...



    For your setup:

    1. Start by manually setting QoS upstream to about 700 kbit
    2. Set your roommate's MAC address (or Ethernet port if he's wired) on LOW.
    3. Set all other MAC addresses and/or Ethernet to MEDIUM.

    (using low and medium allows you to set other things to HIGH and HIGHEST in the future if you ever have such devices, like VoIP hardware (Vonage), etc. The relative priorities ONLY apply for your LOCAL network, so you can use any priorities you want as long as your P2P buddy is set to a lower priority than the non-P2P machines)

    Your P2P pal will have slow browsing, because he will be competing with his own BitTorrents. You can fix this for him by setting Ethernet ports 80, 443, and 53 to the same priority as the rest of the network, which will prioritize his web surfing over his P2P without affecting the rest of you. You can also add POP3, SMTP, etc to that list.

    The rest of you will be fine. If you aren't using your connection, he will get the full and complete available bandwidth. As soon as you start doing something, he'll automatically throttle back.
  4. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    qos mac addressing and port priorities WILL work for wireless clients too. set dns(53), Http(80), Https(443), Pop3(110) and SMTP(25) in port priority to high and your quake ports to high too, and select Optimise game performance (or whatever it is, i don't remember). your roomates p2p will automatically be set to low priority just because it isn't listed

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    thx for your replies...

    i have tried setting qos up similarly but would still get the lag and packetloss but i will do all that you described to be sure.

    edit: here's what i'm describing:


    this isn't constant but occasionally i'm getting these giant spikes, about 5 or 6 in a row and they decrease in size from 1-6. i'm assuming it's related to the bt client. only things with access to the inet is irc (my machine), q3heartbeat and auth servers (empty q3 server in closet) and the BT wireless client.

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    wow, accompanied with what's been recomended in this thread as well as setting up access restrictions on port 6881-6889 (as in those ports are blocked for a large portion of the day) I'm still getting huge huge lag here. this is ridiculous!
  7. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Comparison time.

    I'd recommend doing each one of these steps below and posting the results to a separate post. ;)

    1. Take the router out of your LAN, and hook one machine directly to your Internet connection. Run a test call to Boston on http://www.testyourvoip.com and post detailed results here (click on "See Detailed Results" and copy-and-paste the whole page. This will give some latency numbers for a high-demand application (VoIP), which is about as low-latency-tolerant as you can get.

    This will tell us the base latency of your network with zero load. If you get more than 1-2% of packet discards, or ANY packet loss, or a "MOS score" of under about 3.8, stop right here. Your Internet connection has the problem, and QoS will not help you. Shutting down BitTorrent won't either. Contact your ISP, because you have a laggy connection to the Net.

    2. From the same dedicated computer, run the speed test at www.dslreports.com/stest . Post that number here, along with a screenshot of the complete QoS screen on your router (or cut and paste all the data if you can't upload images to a server somewhere).

    This will tell us if your QoS is set up appropriately for your upload speed, and if your MAC addresses, ports, etc, are set up properly.

    3. Put the router in your LAN, and with just one computer hooked up, run the testyourvoip Boston test again. Post the same numbers again.

    This will tell us what latency the router, alone, adds to your network.

    4. Now, have your pal turn on BitTorrent and wait 10 minutes until he's really cookin' with gas. On a machine set to MEDIUM or HIGHEST, run testyourvoip Boston test once more. Post the numbers.

    This will tell us what latency the router, combined with heavy P2P load, does to your network.

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    1) i dont use voip

    2) dslreports is horribly innaccurate for me. this is from speakeasy's speed test (DC, im in philly):

    direct inet:
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 8193 kbps (1024.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 711 kbps (88.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

    this is thru the router w/o Qos:
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 8193 kbps (1024.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 710 kbps (88.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 8148 kbps (1018.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 668 kbps (83.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

    here's how I have QoS setup:

    i noticed the ports you recommended having priority set to med is high in these screens. i had the same prob with them set as med and i tried maybe setting them to high but never changed it back for the screenshots.

    3+4) dont apply. i guess q3 is a good enough latency check. the screen in my above post is the q3 lagometer.

    thx for taking the time but i think the problem lies with the wireless client. I have wifi MAC;s filtered and only allow this one to connect. I've tried setting it to prevent this MAC and my connection is smooth. when i allow the wifi any net access at all, even with incoming ports 6881-6889 blocked I get the lag spikes.
  9. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Medium and high should not matter, since they are both higher than LOW. ;)

    Hmm. Your setups look good to me. I can't figure it out. The only difference between your setup and mine is a more complex setup in my case (since I have VoIP at HIGH, regular computers and surfing at MEDIUM, and P2P at LOW).

    Here's my setup, for reference:


    Labels are slightly different because I'm using Tofu, and not Thibor, but the QoS code should be the same. I also had to crunch the text a bit to get it in one screen shot, but it should be readable.

    Wish I could help more.

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    did i mention the BT wifi is an iBook (or whatever Mac notebook thats a year old)?? dont think that matters, but I will talk with him to limit his upload to say 20K/dl to 150K and max connections to 15 to test. If that doesn't work, then he'll have to compromise and take unlimited inet at non-use hours and deal with no BT during the hours I play quake!! :)

    thx for your help, I'll post back with the results.


    as i thought, after reading that thread in my second post, the number of connections surely must be the culprit. i tested it myself on a torrent using azuerus, with max upload slots at 2 and a rate of 20kB/s, 20 total connections for individual torrent, and 25 globally (though I was only running 1 torrent) and had no problems whatsoever with dl rate maxed at 150kB/s.

    totally reasonable requests for anyone using BT. if this isn't the solution then there has to be something weird going on with the wifi that i'm not seeing.
  11. hexo

    hexo Network Guru Member

    A quick question... let's say I have a desktop, and it's connected to the lan port of the router. In the QoS, if I put the desktop's MAC address, and set the priority to highest, would it conflict with the portion on 'lan port settings'? do i have to set the lanport to highest as well?

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