QoS on OSPF-Lan - not in Gatewaymode

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Dopehat, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Dopehat

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    i have a little different setup here and problems with QoS.

    Let me explain our setup:

    We have a 2,3 mBit SDSL line and a .224 subnet (29 usable IPs) with a router from our ISP. (32 IPs - Network - Broadcast - Gateway)

    Its connected to a 24-Port switch, on this switch there is the WRT54GS (with Alchemy Final) and... 20 Client-Routers (for our customers - some DLink-Broadband-Routers).

    Now i set the WRT54's gateway to the ISP's router. The 20 DLink-Routers use the WRT54 as gateway.

    I just wanted to prevent the customers of flooding the line.

    This setup works fine... i use OSPF and set the QoS-Iface to LAN/WLan - but NOTHING. It does not shape it a bit.

    Some bad mistakes!? Is QoS just working in Gateway-Mode? I can't use gateway - wanna pass the client's IPs trough.

    Is it even able to determinate the Ports (Services)? I deavtivated the port-priorisation - i even set it to 1 mbit - with no effect - i was able to flood the line with fullspeed.

    I guess RIP2 wouldn't change it - but i didn't try.

    Help! :)
  2. Dopehat

    Dopehat Network Guru Member

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