QOS on WRT54G causing problems with PAP2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mogulman, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. mogulman

    mogulman Network Guru Member

    Ok.. I posted this on Vonage forums.. Thought I'd try here to see if anyone can give me any insight..

    I recently replaced my Vonage Motorola TA with a new PAP2. I couldn't get it working behind my Linksys WRT54G router. The PAP2 worked fine hooked directly to my cable modem.

    I got it working by reseting all my settings in my WRT54G router to default. So I knew one of my settings must be screwing up the PAP2. I enabled things one by one and figured out the solution.

    If I enable QOS by MAC address using Linksys original or HyperWRT firmware, then the PAP2 won't connect to Vonage thru the router...

    Is this normal? Should I take it back to Bestbuy and try getting a new PAP2?

    QOS works if I use port based QOS, or if I load Alchemy firmware on my WRT54G. Also... my Old Motorola worked fine with MAC address QOS.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    QoS in Official or HyperWRT is not as advanced as Alchemy Firmware QoS

    Alchemy, DDWRT or Talisman would be the best one to use.
  3. mogulman

    mogulman Network Guru Member

    Yeah.. I know the QOS in the stock firmware isn't supposed to be that great, but it seems to work for me... Well..except for it blocking my PAP2...

    I tried Alchemy. I seem to get lower throughput when using it.

    I don't really need any other advanced features.. Is DDWRT going to be any different?

    I don't really want to go with Talisman...paying the $20 and all..

    Maybe I'll just stick with port based QOS on the stock firmware.. How much worse is it??? Or is there really something funky with the PAP2.

  4. mogulman

    mogulman Network Guru Member

    Went to DDWRT for now.. seems to be working ok.
  5. jjschagundi

    jjschagundi Network Guru Member

    I am running 4.00.7 on my WRT54Gv3.0 with a pap2 and wish the QOS was better when maxing out my connection with downloading. I have tried various combos of the QOS options in the firmware but the call quality does suffer when downloading.
    Would trying Alchemy be worthwhile? Does the QOS work better with it?
    I had a Buffalo WBR-G54 that got bricked when I tried to put Alchemy on it, I can ping it but that is it these days so I'm a little leery. Haven't honked anything in a long time that couldn't be brought back...

    Thanks for any insight
  6. nozzer

    nozzer Network Guru Member

    Nonsense. Alchemy QoS is garbage. It allocates a certain amount of bandwidth for high priority stuff the whole time. I have a network with a Vonage line hooked to a 10Mbit internet connect - with Alchemy the best throughput I could get was 6M, with HyperWRT/Linksys I get the full monty. Alchemy has a whole load of other throughput issues as well - I've measured its performance against HyperWRT using NetChariot, and it truly blows chunks, achieving a maximum throughput on wireless LAN to wired LAN of around 13Mbps. HyperWRT/Linksys achieves twice that

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