QOS over Satellite.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by MrPliskin0, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. MrPliskin0

    MrPliskin0 Reformed Router Member

    I've been playing with VoIP over Satellite for a bit, and while I can get great calls over the modem directly (iDirect X3 set to 1152Kbps x 256Kbps) and if I prioritize VoIP (SIP and RTP) or the Cisco phone directly via MAC I get great calls. If I add in a download from TestMy.net, say 12MB, that's when things go to hell. While others hear my calls clearly, I hear choppiness i their voices, or a slurring of sorts.

    I've tried ToastUSB on a WRT54GL, and uploaded the latest Toastman firmware to it as well.
    I figured I'd try an Asus RT-N16 on Monday and see how that would work out.

    Over the Satellite network the system does a QOS on VoIP Packets to the server (standard FreePBX box.)

    Any advice on where to go from here would be great, any links to any parts in the fourm would also be a great help, I've been reading all morning but I might have missed some good things others know about.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Porter

    Porter LI Guru Member

    Given that your VoIP-traffic seems to get classified correctly, your inbound bandwidth limit could be too high.

    How much bandwidth do you get in both directions (just being curious)?
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