QOS priority to wireless connection in Tofu 12?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by justletmein, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. justletmein

    justletmein Network Guru Member

    Hi all,
    First time poster. I just upgraded my WRT54GV4 to Tofu 12 and I love it. One reason I picked Tofu was I was told it had greater QOS controls. After installing though, It seems to have the same options as the Linksys firmware.

    What I want to do is give my Wireless connections, (only 1 at this time, a laptop) Priority over the wired lan connections on the router.

    I would like to do this for 2 reasons.

    1. To allow me "some" internet resources when I'm downoading large files on the wired connection through Azureus, Limewire, etc.

    2. To allow my laptop to be the dominant connection when my son is on his computer doing god knows what :)

    Any help would be appreciated guys :)

  2. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    then just give your notebook's MAC address the highest priority
  3. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Network Guru Member

    I'm interested in this too.

    Do I only have to enter my WLAN client's MAC address in the QOS Priority field and leave the others unassigned? Or should I add all my clients (LAN & WLAN) and add a priority for this to work?


  4. Mercenary

    Mercenary Network Guru Member

    only play with QoS if you know what your doing and you have a need i.e IP telephony.

    If you think it will make your wireless faster it wont. It will just confuse things.

    QoS is used to give one application or a particular device higher priority over the others. So if you really need all data from your laptop to go fist and tell the other computers to just wait then use it. but do you really need it? what are your reasons for enabling it for your laptop.

    If your the only thing on the network or have very low network traffic which most home users do then there is no need for it.
  5. justletmein

    justletmein Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply and concern, but I've alread stated why I needed QOS in detail. If i'm the only thing on my network, everything works great...BUT....If a torrent client is running and really sucking network resources, everything else slows to a crawl and even stops working all together as far as surfing the net goes.

    As to the other posts, I tried this and it doesn't work. I think it's because Linksys and Tofu seperate Wired QOSand wireless QOS. There are only two options to wireless QOS. I don't think the two really interact w/ each other. Even if I set the MAC address to the wired computer to LOW, it's not relative to anything because it doesn't have anything to set higher than it.
  6. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Network Guru Member

    I may not be a specialist on QOS. That's why I come here for help. Your answer isn't really helping. Perhaps you are the one that is confusing things.

    Where did you read I thought it would make my wireless faster???

    Anyway, justletmein has a more useful answer. Thanks. :)
  7. Mercenary

    Mercenary Network Guru Member

    regarding the torrent issue QoS isnt the answer. Ive had no end of torrent troubles. Tried startup scripts to reset clients, not that. Tried QoS incase that was the cause, not that.

    Then I came across a post where somone had set a calculator to set the optimal Bittorrent (azureus) settings for your upload speed. Used this and now the entire setup was perfect.

    The problem was that I was having Bittorent download too many files, with too many connections with too much upload bandwidth. Changed this to the recomended settings for my upload speeds (195Kbps after overheads) and now its ace.

    Use this site http://infinite-source.de/az/az-calc.html and use the settings it gives you. It may look low but trust me, torrent and all network activitys are now better.

    I was comparing torrents to the likes of limewire or Kazaa but they seem to be totally different.
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