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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Dopehat, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Dopehat

    Dopehat Network Guru Member

    Hello there,

    i just wanted to open a seperate thread on QOS.

    i'm not happy with the qos-features of the wtr54gs with HyperWRT 2.02b installed. I set up a qos linux router with htb, iptables and wondershaper as basis-script a few months ago. It's pretty hard to write the config so that it does what u want - i'm just over n00b-level on linux :) .

    i'm a gamer and excessive p2p user - so i always need a good ping, that was my goal - even when downloading @ full-speed (~3 mbit at the moment).

    now i looked for a new router on ebay (germany) - i found a router that supports qos and 54mbit wlan - the wrt54gs (special edition) - this guy announced it to be the best on the world ;) - it's an 54gs with hyperwrt installed IMHO.

    after installing the new firmware i saw the small qos iface - i'm missing the following parts:
    - download-speed!? it always mattered in my scripts
    - more levels of traffic - 3 till 5 should be enough (fast/normal/trash/p2p)
    - speed-limiting for ports/ips/macs/wlan
    - marking of icmp-packages - "ping" has to be fast

    i think wondershaper could be a good base for this, but it has to be extended.

    with my setup i was able to download from an http-source with ~320 kbs AND i had a ping of 25 - with ping and my high-port-applications.
    but the p2p-programs always killed the ping - i think i didn't get the right icmp-packs which establish connections

    by the way i really respect your work! - its the first interface on qos i ever saw. - this router with uncompromising qos would realy rock! -> VoIP

    Thats it, remember i really appreciate your work!

    Da Dope
  2. Dopehat

    Dopehat Network Guru Member

    btw, excuse my lame english, i'm from old-europe :D
  3. ChicoByte

    ChicoByte Network Guru Member

    Hi there, I have using HyperWRT for a long time until I start to look this services. Well, HyperWRT until now don't offer a good support on QOS.

    One that offer better support is sveasoft firmwares, like satori (free) and alchemy (free for subscriters).

    Now I am using satori and I am satisfied with QOS of it, download and play with a little ping affect. But don't have levels of traffic. Alchemy have this, but you need to be subscriter to have it, until it becomes free (some one said it should be in December).

    Someone will read this and post more information, I think

  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    Linksys Qos is indeed still very basic, but I'm not planning to replace it.

    Was this WRT54GS SE (Special Edition) preinstalled with HyperWRT?.
    Hope you didn't pay too much for it, because HyperWRT is free, and always will be :)
  5. Dopehat

    Dopehat Network Guru Member

    as i said - i installed it :)
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    within a few weeks Alchemy will be released for public consumption.

    it will be much better in QoS handling.

    iptables can be sorted for your needs as well. here's a preview.: rc2 is released at present but contains some bugs which will be fixed before public release.

  7. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    Alchemy does a great job of keeping p2p traffic in check.. I have 3 bittorent users on my network and I have seen my connection sit at full many times but with QOS everyone can still browse and do almost anything without a timeout or any problems.

    Alchemy also has an SNMP service so with the right tools you can monitor your live bandwidth use right at the router.
  8. dewdman42

    dewdman42 Network Guru Member

    Satori and SNMP?

    Oh, does Satori, not have SNMP support? I was under the impression that it did. Well, I was about to install Satori, but I guess I'll wait for Alchemy in a few weeks? I don't really need all the other fancy features....I just want SNMP bandwidth monitoring more than anything. Though...I can see how QOS may be useful to make sure I am able to, for example, remote desktop in to work whenever I want without having to stop other big downloads that may be in progress, etc..
  9. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    Re: Satori and SNMP?

    Satori doesn't, Alchemy will.

    Linksys will probably too (as there is a lot of SNMP code in the firmware).
  10. hotfix

    hotfix Network Guru Member

    Which tool do you use to monitor bandwidth? :?:
  11. BiPolar

    BiPolar Network Guru Member

    ok, super noob question...how does one setup qos for p2p (bittorrent/azureus) so that no timeouts or slowdowns occur while still maintaining good d/l speeds?
  12. black_

    black_ Network Guru Member

    I think one of the most important thing would be the priorizing of ACK packets.
    To prevent de download from breaking in when the upload is high.

    shouldnt be that hard.

  13. geeb

    geeb Guest

    I user PRTG Traffic Grapher - ever so easy to use - nice graphs.....

    get freeware version from Paessler Website

  14. noize

    noize Network Guru Member

    isnt there any way to configure hyperwrt's qos over telnet??

    i have a wrt54g V2.2. so i have to use hyperwrt.

    i want to giv a port a minimum bandwidht for my VoIP.

    i really need some help
  15. sillygoose

    sillygoose Network Guru Member

    Yes if you telnet into the router you can use the tc command to change the QoS settings. Also check out the file called qdisc<something> in the /tmp directory for some examples. I think this file contians the commands used to configure the QoS settings.
  16. noize

    noize Network Guru Member

    There is also a file called voip with "20 27" in it.

    what could i do with this???
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