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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by gregg098, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. gregg098

    gregg098 LI Guru Member

    I just upgraded to Tomato. Its great. I read through what seems like a million QOS threads, but have a question on why the setup I think would be efficient isnt really mentioned too much.

    Basically, my usage includes VOIP, Torrents, and Web Browsing for the most part.

    Most agree that Prioritize Acks should be unchecked with Torrents, and I set my inbound and outbound limits to 90% of actual.

    My question has to do mainly with classifications, however. I set the default class to LOWEST then on the Classifications page I set the following in this order:

    VOIP Mac Address: Highest
    DNS 0-2kb: Highest
    Port 80 and 443 0-512kb: High
    Port 80 and 443 512kb+: Low
    DNS 2k+: Lowest

    Now, shouldnt this more efficiently classify torrents and ANY other data not specified as LOWEST? I would think that if you need more priority for somthing, then you should add it to the list, but alot of threads have people specifying bulk traffic, bittorrent, etc. (Basically every situation for lowest priority data). I would think that the LESS rules that are added, the more efficient the process would be.

    Any feedback on this? Or am I thinking this all wrong?

    Also, I realize that QOS settings are very specific to an individual setup, but my setup (VOIP, torrents, and browsing) seems to be very common.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. apelete

    apelete LI Guru Member

    I think it really depends on your needs.
    For instance my default class is Lowest but bittorrent is assigned to two lower classes (A & B) in my setup.
    One for bittorrent connections coming from my desktop PC (desktop from where my bro tends to suck all the bandwith up using bittorrent), and the other for bittorrent connections coming from all other clients (may they be my laptop or a passing-by friend's laptop or a soon-to-be-buy NAS).

    That way, let's suppose I'm doing a big internet-based upgrade of one of my linux computers: it will have higher priority than all bittorrent connections running at that moment.
    I can't let my system upgrade application fight with a bittorrent client over the bandwith: the upgrade has to be done right away when I start it, the bittorrent client will have to wait for the bandwith during that process...

    The less rules are added, the more efficient is the process. The question is 'do you have a kind of application that need a higher priority than bittorrent' ? If yes you have to redo your classification, if no then it's ok...(in your case, let's say you start some online gaming while torrent'ing, then your game will fight with your bittorrent client and you will probably experience some lag...).
    I chose to lowly classify bittorrent from the start and let any other app have a higher prio by default; you chose to do the contrary: bittorent & any other the same by default, and add a new rule as new needs arise... The result is the same at the beginning but we won't add new rules under the same circumstances in the future, that's all.

    I hope I was clear enough in my explanation.
    As you can see it all depends on how you think your network might evovle.
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