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    Vonage QoS

    I'm posting to this board in hopes of receiving better guidance than what I have received from either Vonage or Linksys technical support, where any questions that deviate from the script or require some real-world experience are apparently beyond the scope of assistance by phone.

    I'm specifically in search of advice on how to best set up my main, non-Vonage router to insure the highest level of voice QoS. To that end, I'm interested in either tweaking the Linksys firmware, or installing a third-party firmware such as that from Sveasoft.

    Here is my home network set-up:

    1) I have cable broadband from Comcast entering my home via a Motorola Surfboard SB5120 modem.

    2) The modem is connected to my main router, a Linksys WRT54GS, currently loaded with Linksys firmware version 4.70.6. This router is being operated in wired mode only, as I presently have no wireless computers in the home.

    3) LAN Port 1 on the main router is connected to an eight port hub in my home's structured wiring panel. This panel is a basement "home run" point, feeding CAT-5 cable to seven rooms on the main and upper levels of the home.

    4) Two of those rooms have Apple desktop machines connected via ethernet.

    5) A third room has an Apple Airport Express connected via ethernet. The AAE is operating in stand-alone mode for the sole purpose of using its AirTunes functionality to stream music from iTunes on the two Macs to the main stereo. So again, all wireless functionality is disabled.

    6) From LAN Ports 2, 3 and 4 on the main router I have connected 3 Vonage phone adaptors, the Linksys RT31P2, currently loaded with Linksys firmware version 1.28.00. The reason for three adaptors is that the home requires three separate Vonage accounts (as opposed to addition line service). One of those accounts also has a fax line. In other words, I'm operating four distinct lines of Vonage, sometimes simultaneously.

    7) The RJ-11 Ports on the RT31P2 units are all connected to an eight port hub in my home's structured wiring panel. Like the computers, the phone sets are connected to wall jacks in the individual rooms upstairs.

    On the whole, the system has been pretty rock solid, apart from Vonage system outages. I have used the Vonage Upload Speed Test (on their website's Help section) to monitor the baseline service I'm receiving from Comcast. With just one computer operating, and no Vonage phone lines in use, I typically receive the following statistics:

    Download speed: approx 2.3 Mbps, though occasionally in the high 3s
    Upload speed: approx 330 kbps
    Quality of Service: 20-50%, occasionally in the 80s or 90s
    Round Trip Time: 100ms
    Max Pause: sometimes under 100ms, sometimes in the 400s, occasionally in between

    So, as with most cable providers, the bandwidth is in constant flux, and therefore my Vonage voice QoS ranges pretty greatly as well. Some calls it's loud and crisp, sometimes it's weak and noisy, and occasionally it just bottoms out completely. I notice a definite difference as we pile on the usage, for example, two phone lines in use and two computers actively downloading all at once.

    I do not wish to use Vonage's Bandwidth Saver option. I would prefer to set up QoS on the main router so as to ensure that the voice traffic takes priority over other data traffic. So, to reiterate my opening query, I'm interested in either tweaking the Linksys firmware, or installing a third-party firmware such as those from Sveasoft, and setting it for max voice QoS.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    ~ mister fusspot ~
  2. Toxic

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    have a look at my review Vonage VOIP Review - Part II which shows connectivity of the RT31p" and WRT54G in two different ways using 3rd party Firmware DDWRT. Sveasoft Alchemy or Talisman will also do the same thing for QoS
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