qos taking download from 8meg to 5 meg??

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by njfoses, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Hello, first post. I tried using sveasoft alchemy final 1.0 on my wrt54g v3. I wanted to try this firmware for the supposed better qos function than the stock linksys firmware. I have had no luck at all with the qos in the alchemy. I have comcast 8/768 and no matter what i put in the download box for qos my download speed drops from 8 meg to around 5 meg. The upload portion works fine. I read on another forum that the sveasoft qos cant handle connections over 6 meg and to put the download number at 0 and just set the upload. Would this be ok or would it defeat the purpose?? All i want is a good functioning qos for vonage. But after playing with this firmware for hours it seems like im going back to linksys firmware. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    as QoS for Vonage...you could try just setting the priority for vonage services to Premium and have the priorites for ALL lan ports/IP addresses to standard perhaps?

    I dont know what Vonage device or way you have it connected to the WRT/Net but try looking at the review I done some time ago to see if any of it helps.

    Vonage RT31P2-WRT54G Review

    Also make sure on your Vonage Feature when you login to Vonage the bandwidth saver is set to high.

    Note: I did read somewhere the QoS of v3.0 and over was not as good as the older versions of WRT due to the different chipset that was now being used and the lack of open source drivers for it. though I dont know if this has been fixed in later firmwares but Alchemy may suffer from larger download limits.

    also when you change the QoS settings you may require a reboot perhaps?
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