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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by user42, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. user42

    user42 Reformed Router Member

    After creating an isolated VLAN for WLAN devices, the source and destination columns on the Transfer Rates page (qos-ctrate.asp) display WLAN traffic in a curious way.

    When a WLAN device generates traffic, source and destination are 'reversed', in comparison to how LAN traffic is displayed in the column.

    The reason this occurs is beyond my knowledge. Anyone care to chime in on why this happens ?
  2. philess

    philess Networkin' Nut Member

    Hmm just a wild guess, but maybe the Tomato QoS is only intended for br0 or whatever your default/main network is. And from that view your secondary network (your new VLAN/WLAN) is foreign. What i mean is, the traffic is actually outgoing, towards the vlan, which QoS thinks is actually outside... Not sure how i should explain this :) Maybe thats a reason, i dont know. It has been mentioned a few times that the QoS GUI in Tomato is only really paying attention to br0 anyway, but QoS should work on all interfaces. Its just the display that is wrong.
  3. user42

    user42 Reformed Router Member

    That was my feeling as well. QoS is not actually enabled on my E2000 at all. I think Transfer Rates grabs its data from cstats or rstats. I'm not sure if this is a original Johnathon feature, a Teaman feature, or a combination of both. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea for me to take a closer look at the code behind this.

    In fairness, monitoring such as this is can be accomplished using syslog or a tcpdump binary, but I always find myself going back to Transfer Rates for quick reference.
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