QOS-Usage with VOIP-Device

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dududa, May 13, 2006.

  1. dududa

    dududa Network Guru Member

    Hi @ all!

    I'm currently using Firmware Version v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c on my WRT54G 2.2. And like everyone who uses this firmware, I'm completely satisfied. :thumbup:

    But I have a few questions.

    I'm also using a special VOIP-Device which is connected to Lan-Port 1 on the router. To ensure always a good talking qualitiy, I want to use QOS.
    So I tried to use QOS by Port and by MAC of the VOIP-Device (not contemporaneous) and give it highest priority. QOS is not configured for other Services or Devices.

    But if I've running Bittorrent on my PC (connected by wire to router) and I try to telephone, it's nearly umimpossible. Although I can hear the one, I'm telephoning with, without any problems, he/she hears me only warped. (So it's seem to be a Problem with the upstream bandwith).

    But how can that be? I configured QOS and by the way, VOIP needs only a bit of upstream bandwith.
    What do I need to configure to ensure alway good VOIP-quality and also to use Bittorrent and to surf with my PC, during telephoning?

    Thanks for any good help information! :)

    (I'm sorry for my english, but I'm not native English)
  2. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    Did you set the "upstream bandwidth" to 80-90% of your actual bandwidth?
  3. dududa

    dududa Network Guru Member

    no, I didn't. but why should I do so? doesn't it set the upstream bandwidth automaticly?
  4. frode3

    frode3 Network Guru Member

    its best to set it manuel and set bittorrent to low :thumb:
  5. dududa

    dududa Network Guru Member

    if bittorrent is set to "low", will it get full bandwidth if no other device/service needs any bandwidth?
    and is it enough to send bittrorrent to low, or should I also prioritize the "VOIP Device"? (which mode? high oder highest?)
    if yes, will VOIP always get full bandwidth, even if it doesn't need full, or will it only get as much as it needs. will I be able to surf, while telephoning?

    thanks for help!

    I just made a few tests. and I noticed, that wired devices are always prioritized. when I'm downloading something at full speed with my laptop via WLAN and I start a download at my wire-connected pc, the pc gets the full badwidth, even if it's set to "low" in the router's QoS settings. the same problem when i try to upload.
    but shouldn't the wlan-device get all the bandwidth, when QoS is on, or shouldn't they at least share the bandwidth half and half, if QoS is off???
  6. dududa

    dududa Network Guru Member

    nothing I configure seems to have any effect on my problems...
    if Bittorrent is running I cant telephone and my laptop still gets only a low bandwidth, if the pc needs it to!

    what can I do? need help! please!
  7. purephase

    purephase Network Guru Member

    I manually set the upstream to 90% of my capable speed, then set the MAC of my VOIP router the highest priority and the port that uTorrent uses to the lowest priority.

    QoS works fine for me. Phone calls always receive the highest priority, BT doesn't bring the router to a screeching halt (but still runs fast enough with no other traffic passing).

    Try uTorrent. Make sure that you are setting your upstream speed correctly (go here to test), and with the two settings I mentioned above (priority-wise) you should be laughing.
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