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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by kcallis, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. kcallis

    kcallis Network Guru Member

    I am using the public release of Satori 4. My box is connected through PPPOE with a dynamic address. Now next question of the day is (ok, I am lying, I have a couple of questions).

    A.) Which I should I be connected to, WAN or LAN/Wireless to get QoS to work correctly?

    B.) Depending on QoS working correctly, would I be able to add an switch/hub and be able to enforce the QoS limitation through the clients on the addition switch?


    Kim C. Callis
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what are you trying to limit? priority to each PCs on the LAN or the priotiry from/to internet being shared by all PCs lists in netmask?

    you can limit the thoughput to either an IP range or single IP thought the rate will be the same for all.
  3. kcallis

    kcallis Network Guru Member

    There are about 12 people who want to access my network wirelessly. Not a problem, since I am a giving type person. But I would be greatly bothered if something interfered with my VOIP.

    So what I want to do, based upon IP address, is to limit the speed of traffic going to those people whom I consider low priority users... I don't want to do things by ports, because I would be caught up with everyone else. So I have been plugging folks in by IP/Netmask.

    So should I have the QoS set for WAN or LAN? And how can I verify just how much bandwidth a given user is receiving...

    Kim Callis
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    in satori you can only list IPs for LOW priority, and only one entry for download/upload. you set the upload/download to approx 80% to 90% of you total upload/download speeds. then list the IPs in low priority src and dest boxes. (your total bandwidth however is reduced by the percentage, factor, dont use 100% of bandwdth)

    is there a range of IPs you need or are they all seperate and individual IPs?

    so infomation on IP netmasks is here:


    as to WAN or LAN/wLan.. this is from the horses mouth....

    (Sveasoft) If the WRT54G is used as your Internet connection device then I would use the WAN device.

    (no james you not a horse.... just a figure of speech for direct from the originator) :drinkers:

    ps can you list the IPs that you need to use QoS for
  5. TheMunch8

    TheMunch8 Network Guru Member

    does alchemy a lot more in QoS? is it worth the upgrade over satari?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    yeah it does...

  7. TheMunch8

    TheMunch8 Network Guru Member

    Sweet. Maybe i can finally fix these random lag outs i get in games because someone is hogging all the badnwitdh...
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