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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Keith Senti, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Keith Senti

    Keith Senti New Member Member

    Hello World,

    First, let me say that I've been a happy user of Tomato for years. I have found it better than DD-Wrt and OpenWRT. I am very pleased with the the bandwidth monitoring, qos and vpn implementation. QOS is the main reason I use Tomato over the others.

    I'm trying to tune some of my QOS rules, but the rule number is not populated under QOS > View Details. It looks this this issue has existed for a while. I found two posts about it from 2015, so I would think they would be included in the current code base by now.

    Can anyone offer any workarounds for this?

    I'm using "Tomato Firmware v1.28.9008 Toastman-ARM K26ARM USB VPN-64K" on a Netgear R7000.

    Thank you in advance.

    - Keith

    P.S. I had a screenshot and links to older posts that I found, but the forum software will not allow me to use hyperlinks until i've created two posts...
  2. cloneman

    cloneman LI Guru Member

    QoS was pretty shaky when they made the move to ARM, the bandwidth estimates under "QoS > Basic" were missing for a while as well. You might have to switch to a build by kille72 or pedro311
  3. Keith Senti

    Keith Senti New Member Member

    Thank you cloneman. I discovered kille72's builds shortly after writing the op. The issue exists in kille72's builds too. Does pedro311 have a separate branch or does he contribute to kille72? I haven't seen his builds, but I've seen where he has contributed to kille72. I'll look around.

    I'll keep monitoring this thread, but if no one else has any ideas i might throw a donation at kille72 and offer a second donation, a bounty if you will, for QOS to be fixed on the R7000 and R8000. I've donated to shibby in the past. It's worth paying for, in my opinion.

    I'm currently operating on my R7000 which works really well except the missing rule number (op). I just debricked by R8000 after experimenting on it too hard.

    Thank you very much.
  4. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

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