QoS with changing bandwidth

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Tremelune, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    Right, so, my bandwidth changes at different hours of the day. In the middle of the night, it's higher than the middle of the day. My guess is that this mucks with QoS.

    ie, if I have it set at 500kpbs, and in reality it is 100kbps, all my QoS goes out the window since even the Lowest priority is allowed 100kbps, right?

    Alternately, if I have it set at 500kbps and my connection will do twice that, I'm just losing that bandwidth, right?

    I'm not 100% sure how QoS works, but I'm pretty sure it does NOT simply put higher packets in front of lower priority packets.

    My main goal in all of this is to priorities traffic by machine first, then service.

    I wish there was a little script that would do a bandwidth check at some of these free sites and adjust the QoS a few times per day.
  2. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member



    Doesn't the fact that most internet connections, cable in particular, have pretty variable bandwidth depending on who else is using the connection...Well, doesn't that really hamper the effectiveness of QoS?

    Is there another shaping algorithm that simply queues up all packets based on priority? ie, machine A's packets always go to the front, machine B's always go ahead of A's but behind C's...?
  3. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    Ubicom "Stream Engine"-based devices or routers!
  4. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    Looking at this setup screen, it looks like GameFuel is pretty much the same as Tomato's QoS with the addition of an automatic bandwidth detector. The gives it +1, I'd rather not pay $200 for something that could probably be done in a script.

    Interesting hardware though, finally some gig ethernet.
  5. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    Zyxel x-550, D-link-4100/4300, & Linksys wrt330n makes them. I bought a Zyxel from CompUSA about 1.5 yrs ago w/ streamengine for about $40 (after rebate+checkout discounts) usually about $70. The DLink 4300 was about $79 at Fry's (sale), now has gone up non-sale $99. Dlink 655 is also ubicom-enabled using a newer/faster ubicom processor at about $150. I heard a new DLink 855 dual-band ubicom-based router is soon going to be released. Expect it to be in the $200-$250 range.
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