Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by czuker, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. czuker

    czuker Network Guru Member

    I am going to use WMM feature in dd-wrt v23. How to classify pakets to right class (voice, video, best effort)? Are you planning develop HFSC scheduling in dd-wrt?

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  4. ravn

    ravn Network Guru Member

  5. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Fixed Toxic's link to the article. Try it now.
  6. orje

    orje Guest

    Still no answer on how to classify pakets to right class (voice, video, best effort) :confused: only auto-classification?
    It works but it seems like all voice related packages are sent using voice access category e.g. SIP signaling, RTP packets, MSN, Skype... Normally, right or wrong, only RTP packets are sent using the AC_VO.
    L7-filter by design? How to manually control the priority?
    Using DD-WRT v23SP2 on Linksys WRT54GS v1.1.
  7. ahz0

    ahz0 LI Guru Member

    Have you figured this out? I am trying to figure out how to get QoS on any type of wireless bridge. A lot of them advertise WMM, but none of them indicate how packets are classified. There are so many possibilities: Layer 3 TOS, DSCP, 802.1D, 802.1Q, and maybe others.

    I want to run VoIP and data for an office with 40 computers and 34 phones across two buildings connected by a wireless bridge.
  8. jravac

    jravac Addicted to LI Member

    sorry to bring this old topic up, but since it was sticked, was wondering what combo (wmm, qos, vegas) works best with voip (vonage)? my setup isn't totally ideal for voip, but here it is:

    internet-cable modem-router A (tomato [all victek's lastest ND ver])-WET to router B-vonage's voice portal
  9. lop1

    lop1 Addicted to LI Member

    Dead Link !
  10. vf1000f

    vf1000f Addicted to LI Member

    Dead Link
  11. magnus33

    magnus33 Network Guru Member

    Save you time Qos in ddwrt is broken and has been for about two years now.

    People have repeatedly tried to bug report this but since ddwrt went commercial fixes have not been happening.

    Or to use the words of sash who deleted or closes bug reports most often..i dont care that the bug isnt fixed or
    Unless a feature can make money it wont be added.
  12. bucher

    bucher Networkin' Nut Member

    In regards to CwMax, it says that "1024" is a valid value, yet stock DD-WRT settings are 1023. Any idea why?
  13. lissny

    lissny Networkin' Nut Member

    The bins...
    Description: [​IMG]

    Filename: dd-wrt.v24-18625_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-e2500.bin
    Filesize: 3.29 MB
    Downloaded: 21 Time(s)

    Description: [​IMG]

    Filename: dd-wrt.v24-18625_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-nv60k.bin
    Filesize: 3.29 MB
    Downloaded: 12 Time(s)

    Enclosed is a screenshot of working bin of E2500

    [​IMG]Uploaded at Picoodle.com

    That is linksys e2500 DDWRT ......................
    Can we have toastman build for e2500 ..
  14. Sasho

    Sasho New Member Member

    Dead man and link lol
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