Q's: RV042 vs. Flashed WRT54 + telnet

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by errorken, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. errorken

    errorken LI Guru Member

    Currently I'm owning a WRT54G which is recently flashed with the dd-wrt firmware. This box is a complete functional router which I can control like I was controlling a linux box (I love it). The WRT is setup to support 3 subnets. All three subnets can access the WAN, but none of the subnets may access each other. I assigned a VLAN to each port. I can use the routing table and iptables to control the subnet routing. For ex. I can say 'pc1 from subnet A may access everything in subnet B'. The thing that is nice is that it are now completely separated networks. So even if someone on subnet A changes his ip to subnet B, then the router will not allow access.


    However, at the moment I'm building a somewhat larger network. For this I'm wanting to use the RV042. There will be 3 subnets on the RV, one subnet for the server (directly connected) one subnet for a home network (connected to the WAN port of WRT1) and another private network (also connected to the WAN port of WRT2). I'm using the RV instead of a third WRT since I don't want the server to be connected to a device that can be accessed wireless. Second, the failover/balanced WAN port sounds a nice feature.

    My questions:

    1.I re-read the manual several times now, but I'm still not sure if it support VLAN routing. Basically I want to do the same thing as I'm doing with my WRT (which is not possible without the dd-wrt firmware). Can I do this with the RV out of the box ?

    2. In any case, I also want telnet/ssh access, since I want to have full control over the firewall. I saw a thread on this forum (http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=47539) which I can use to enable the telnet. Will this work with the latest versions of the RV also ?

    3.When I have telnet access, are the posibilities the same as with a WRT + dd-wrt firmware ? If I'm not mistaking, the dd-wrt firmware only modifies the web application (and maybe changes some default settings) ...

    4. Is there by any chance a "dd-wrt" firmware for the RV042 ? I like to avoid this as much if possible. The device is a bit expensive to break when the firmware flash fails.

    5. What is, in the end, the difference between a flashed WRT and this RV042 ? (if you ignore the second WAN port and the fact the WRT has wireless support)

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1. afaik the RV042 does not support VLANs, how ever you could check it via a telnet session. The latest firmware support Multiple Subnets (featured in LAN Address setting)

    2. afaik it does it works on my RV042.

    3. the WRT and RV042 use different operating systems for commands are similar but different. WRT = Linux RV0xx = OpenRG

    4. no. see 3.

    5. the differences are too many to list.
  3. errorken

    errorken LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your answer.

    For 1, if it does not support VLAN's, why is there then a VLAN page ? It seems the same as with a flashed WRT54G (which you can address a VLAN to the LAN ports). Also, with the dd-wrt I can create VLAN's in the telnet session, I can choose which port belongs to which VLAN. Then, I can then assign an ip address to each VLAN. This is not possible with the RV ?

    For 3, will I be able to control the firewall via iptables ?

    For 5, I understand, however, what are the major differences then? I'm only looknig for a router that has support for: multiple subnets, VPN and a good firewall. It must not support more then 10 pc's (and some via VPN).
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1. where in the GUI does it show VLAN for the RV042?

    3. Iptables for the WRT54GL yes.

    5. both support the requirements you want. though the RV042 can handle IPSec VPN Tunnels and has a faster CPU. 266Mhz compaired to the GL @ default 200.

    Supporting no more than 10 PCs? limit the DHCP server IP range then.

    What type of VPN tunnel do you want? IPSEC, PPTP what?
  5. errorken

    errorken LI Guru Member

    1.My bad, the GUI does not support VLAN on the RV42. I was mistaking with the managed switch, sorry. So there is no way I can separate subnets with the RV42 ? I checked out the firmware revision notes, but I cannot find anything that should enable to allow separation of the subnets (as you were telling in a previous post). Also, I used the simulator (http://www.linksysdata.com/ui/RV042/1.2.3/home.htm) but I don't see how I'm going to manage that. With the flashed WRT I endup having a 'VLANx' interface for each port. The RV42 only refers to the lan as a whole 'LAN'... (maybe I can do it with the managed switch ? But that one will probably don't do routing....). I can control subnet access by entering rules in the firewall, but that will not prevent someone from changing the ip address to that subnet and still access it. Do you have an idea on this ?

    5. What I wanted to know is that the RV42 supports iptables once I can access it via telnet ?

    About the VPN: I'm not sure which kind of VPN I want to use. So both options are still open. About the 10 pc's; I does not have to support more I don't want to restrict it :) I was giving this information in terms of load. I can image a RV42 can handle more load then a WRT54g (imagnie having 50 pc's downloading etc)
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1. do not quote from the sumulators. these are acient. load the new firmware and goto the network.htm page. look at the LAN Setting area. the subnets are in there. if is NOT in any old firmware. v1.3.7.10 is the latest.

    iptables is for Linux. as i said before, the RV042 is OpenRG
  7. errorken

    errorken LI Guru Member

    Ok thanks.

    I was looking on the EU site (BE) from linksys. The latest firmware for the RV42 dates from 2005 (version . I looked on the .com site and there is indeed the the latest one (showing the subnet thing in the log file). I wonder if this firmware will be compatible with the EU version of the RV42 .. (the site makes no distinction as far as I can tell...)

    BTW; Is there a way I can simulate this latest version somehwere ? Do you know such simulators (I don't have the RV42 yet).
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