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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by toolbox, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. toolbox

    toolbox LI Guru Member

    I was looking at the bandwidth usage on my router and noticed that
    the daily usage has about 2 months worth of history (3/30/2011 to 5/31/2011)
    the weekly usage is about the same (4/03/2011 to 5/31/2011)
    but my monthly history go back to Oct 2009.
    I don't remember but I may very well starting to save usage date in 10/2009 on my tomato based router and the data are stored on my USB flash drive.

    My question is can I keep my daily/weekly history to be as long as the monthly? Upload it somewhere and do it manually?
  2. molnart

    molnart LI Guru Member

    are you checking the listing in the webui or the data file where the bandwith data is stored? i switched to tomato only recently, so i dont have such a long record as you, but i can easily imagine that the "Daily Usage" page in the webui shows only the last three months, but the data itself are stored in the router.
  3. toolbox

    toolbox LI Guru Member

    I am checking the data on the webui. I have no idea how to interpret the data in the .gz file.
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