Question about bricked WRT54G v4.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by DarkSlaya, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. DarkSlaya

    DarkSlaya Guest

    I've tried everything that doesn't void the warranty, so now I'm the point where I'm gonna void it. I've looked at the guides, and it mention that the pins are 15-16 and I've seen 16-17.

    Now, my question is: I've never seen anything mentioning what it is for v4, so that's what I wanna know. Also, is the success rate very high?
  2. rickyschrieber

    rickyschrieber LI Guru Member

    Try the following
    (Assuming winXP as your base computer and router power lamp is on):
    Unpack the firmware you want to use into c:\
    1. Setup computers' IP static to
    2. Open a dosbox (flag R - cmd) and type
    c:\> ping -t <enter>
    3. Open another dosbox (flag R - cmd) and type
    c:\> tftp put c:\ImageFileGoesHere <don't press enter yet>
    4. Do a HARD reset.
    Unplug the power from the router.
    Hold the reset button for 15 seconds while inserting power.
    DOSBox 1 will complain and then answer when the router goes online.
    5. When router comes back online press enter in DOSBox 2.

    You may have to power cycle, wait for online and repeat tftp step several times.

    It takes a lot brick the router such that you need to short pins !
    Good luck.
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