question about driver of wpc54gx

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bookymad, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Ok, I kind of have a long story....but....for now, i'll just deal with this particular issue.

    Before I upload the new driver for the wpc54gx, I just want to make sure does support wpa-psk.

    Yes, I know there is a new download for it. Just wanted to confirm it.

    No, I don't know the driver's version. My connection can be so bad, that I don't really want to risk unplugging my current card for now, and finding out. I already did try that card, it didn't work out, and didn't occur to me to check out the driver's version then. Sorry.

    Any help in advance, thank you.

    Side question. Is it possible that the WMP54gx can cause interference with another wi-fi card? Cause before the installation of WMP54gx, my netgear card worked worked till this. It causes my connction to drop, and OMG! the connection to it........takes forever, and sometimes not at all!

    *Edit to ask this.
    One more thing, what's the difference between WPA-PSK and WPA-Personal, and WPA2-Personal? If all other computers are using WPA-PSK, then it's important that I'm using that too, right? I mean that's the main reason why I'm asking cause I think that migh t be the problem in the first place why the card is not connecting.
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  3. jgutz20

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    How did everything work out for you?
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