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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by martin_jones, Oct 18, 2005.

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    I frequently lose the wireless connection on my v1 WAG54G.

    Having spent some time with the online support people, I have tried everything; setting beacon to 50, RTS and fragmentation threshold to 2304, changing channels, updating firmware versions. Everything. All to no avail. I can be using the wireless network OK and then it just disappears. I have to switch the unit off/on to get the network back.

    However, it occurred to me that sometimes the network can be stable.

    I can play Counterstrike Source all evening on the wireless network with no problems. Then, when I finish gaming, I start surfing the net and the connection goes.

    Yesterday, I left the network running all night with MSN Messenger, Skype and Bittorrent (downloading a Linux distro, obviously) and this morning, the network was still there. I then started Outlook and after about 2 minutes, the network disappeared.

    It would appear that any form of interaction with the network breaks it. Does that make any sense?

    I am waiting for linksys to get back to me. I will post the findings here. However, if anyone has any thoughts, I would be interested in finding a solution.


    edit: I have just spoken to a colleague of mine who experienced the same problems with his belkin router. He said that he had a USB receiver on his PC which was the cause. He switched to an internal PCI one and the network is OK now. I am also using a USB antenna. Could this be the problem?
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