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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by liquidzyklon, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone. I have recently just converted from DD-WRT v23 SP2 to Tomato 1.10 and it's pretty good. I have a few small problems/questions.

    1) Problem: wireless speed is slower than DD-WRT, but wired got faster.
    DD-WRT v23 SP2:
    WAN: 6.65 Mbps/ 509 kbps 6.65 Mbps/ 507 kbps

    Wired to Wired:
    Transformers Movie - 900 MB
    Time: 2:08 (mm:ss)
    Speed: 7.031 MB/s (57.6 Mbps)

    Wireless to Wired:
    Transformers Movie - 900 MB
    Time: 6:06 (mm:ss)
    Speed: 2.459 MB/s (20.1 Mbps)

    Tomato v1.10:
    WAN: 6.78 Mbps/ 513 kbps 6.78 Mbps/ 504 kbps

    Wired to Wired:
    Transformers Movie - 900 MB
    Time: 1:41 (mm:ss)
    Speed: 8.911 MB/s (71.93 Mbps)

    Wireless to Wired:
    Transformers Movie - 900 MB
    Time: 6:17 (mm:ss)
    Speed: 2.387 MB/s (19.10 Mbps)

    The settings are attached. To me, they look identical in terms of settings. The wireless security is WPA2-AES using a random 20 character password. The only difference that I know between DD-WRT and Tomato is that Tomato uses Linksys's wireless drivers while DD-WRT uses something else. I know that the theoretical max for wireless is 27Mbps (1/2 of the 801.11g speed), but I am expecting something along the line of ~23-24Mbps (source) So I would like some suggestions as to why my wireless speed slowed down?

    2) Question: how big can the bandwidth logs get if stored in the RAM?
    I am using the Automated FTP Back-up of Rstats and everything works perfectly fine. But let's say after using this method for 6 months, how big will the log files get? And how will that affect the free RAM? (I'll post screenshots of the backups when I get a chance).

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  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you have only put in half of the test equation. ie the wirleless router. the other half is the Wireless Device/laptop that you are using. this also can be a bottleneck and the router can only send as fast as the wireless device allows. I would be happy with 20Mbps on your Wireless signal tbh, though turn on Frame Burst (as along as you have no more than 3 wireless devices) this may give you some extra performance.
  3. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    Thanks Toxic. I will try turning on the Frame Burst and see how it affects the speed. You are right that I only consider the router as the limit of my wireless performance. I was doing this because I wanted to see how DD-WRT compared to Tomato in terms of performance. It seems that Tomato is much faster wired-wired and slightly slower in wireless-wired (although this could be within the error of wireless interference). So I immediately thought that Tomato was doing wireless differently than DD-WRT.

    Anyways, on to my second part. Check out the rstats.jpg attached. I have not ran the FTP backup for more than 12 hours since I am a recent convert. But from quickly looking at these files, I see that every two hours the logs are going 2 KB. So that led me to my question. Why is the log files getting bigger and bigger so fast (i.e. every two hours)? What are the implications on the router's free memory if I restore from say a 168KB file? Or maybe this should go in the other thread [Automated FTP Back-up]?

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  4. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Tomato uses prebuilt wireless driver while dd-wrt is a source code version
    I can try to modify Tomato to use dd-wrt driver and we'll see if that is affecting performance.
  5. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    Whoa, I just noticed the big thread over there discussing roadkill's addition to Tomato and his suggestion here.

    Basically, I am happy with Tomato's wireless capabilities. The speed difference are within a certain percentage that can be due to wireless interference so there's nothing much I can do. I will ask my question pertaining to the FTP backup in the other thread.
  6. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    so do you want to have a go with the other wireless driver?

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    not a big thread now. I dont tolerate flaming if I can help it. it gives out negative vibes of the forum.

    did you try enabling Frame Burst? you should see some (small) performance gain.
  8. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    @roadkill, I don't need the other wireless drivers as you can see that my speeds aren't too different. They are within reasonable values from each other. Plus it's probably too much effort :p

    @Toxic, I did enable Frame Burst and it decreased the transfer time by about 20-25 secs which bumped the transfer rate up a little. Either way, I am glad that the wire-wire speed went up because now I can do weekly backups faster.

    This thread is done.
  9. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    So it went POOF into a cloud of smoke and then drifted slowly out the window.:drinking:
  10. arigosh

    arigosh Network Guru Member

    Sorry to reopen this thread, but I am also interested in improving performance in Tomato. Since the other thread is gone now, I'd like to know what was in it in regards to how to improve performance in general and wireless performance in particular.

  11. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    Which other thread are you referring to?
  12. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    Nothing was in it with regard to performance improvements. Everything is in this thread. You might also want to try a forum search on 'wireless performance' if you are having performance issues.

  13. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    For all the beating around the bushes that this thread contains, how about some substance ? There are several nepharious parameters in the tcp and wireless protocols that can be adjusted for optimal performance. One very primary one is Rwin. It may be that DD-WRT driver was a better match for the settings in your particular radio. Whether Tomato or DD Wrt driver is superior is really not very relevent (Tomato's is actually much better in several ways...), what is important is to have your PC tuned optimally for the radio it is linked to. Here is the program that will do this for you. HAve fun !
  14. arigosh

    arigosh Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the advice, but TCP tuning doesn't do much for me. Enabling frame bursts does improve speed, right up to the point when I am trying to connect more then four computers.
    I am intrigued about the wifi driver, what's the difference between the driver used by DD-WRT and Tomato? Earlier in the thread it was mentioned that the DD-WRT version is from source, is that true? I thought the Broadcom wifi didn't have a source driver, which is why it is impossible to port it to Linux 2.6 can someone please clear this up for me?

  15. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    it was release by Broadcom probably in one of the cross compiling toolchains But I remember when I was looking at it there was some kind of warning there that the software is only for internal use of Broadcom.
    I have no idea where did BrainSlayer got it from.
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