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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by hardin, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. hardin

    hardin Network Guru Member

    wuts up everyone...
    Ok here is the deal. I have a very small wireless network in our building. That connects to a Satellite ISP-- Bentley Tele. since we are located in Iraq.

    I ran across a strange kinks in our network,
    Sometimes our network of 23 computers will crash internet, but our Yahoo IMs are still running
    So I decided to run some telnet commands on our Linkstar RCST - Satellite Modem,
    I typed TCPSTATS.. displays current open and est. TCP connections
    it was OVER 200...with about 1/2 of network running our TCP is around 40-80.

    so i restarted entire sytem

    To give a more network diagram to understand what we are runnin two d-link routers -- not really the best were dontated to use..brand new 624s...

    So i am usin a simple 5 port switch also donated to us, to run 2 routers using Cat 5e cable. Each router is configured properly and I can surf the internet to problem on either router,

    I have a Spare Linksys WRT 54GL w/ dd-wrt firmware loaded.

    If i check system when only 10 computers on its around 70-80 active TCP connections, Our satellite is big enough to accomidate over 30 computers,

    So i called our ISP, And asked em what was up, so thel logged onto system and noticed alot of TCP connections were in close_wait status,

    A few min later its over 100 once again...

    My question is.. On my wrt54gl w/ ddwrt there is a spot to limit TCP connections, What would happen if i used my linksys in place of the switch, and limited tcp connections to around 80?? also what about adusting Qos?? I am stumped and so is tech support

    My YIM is

    please IM me for any more intel or info needed about my problem or system

    Thank You all for your help and time
  2. hardin

    hardin Network Guru Member


    What about setting Up Qos ??? and removing switch to replace it w/ my Linksys Router and set Max Ports to 90 ?

    I only have a 1 MB download and 512 Upload

    w/o alot of IMs Running we can all surf net...
    I am dumbfounded on what to doh :wallbang:
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