Question regarding static IP address allocation / authentication via Linksys WAP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rimeister, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Reaching out for some brain power out there -


    I live in a community where there is no internet access available other than a T1 line. I got a T1 and have been sharing it with my neighbors by a piggybacked Ethernet connection from house to house (roughly 300 ft between houses) - the line has picked up lightning strikes twice and there has been some hardware loss - mostly burned up switches - couple neighbors mother boards in their PC got zapped goodnight - so we realize that as brilliant as we thought we were, stringing a copper wire from house to house has it's fall backs - let alone the ground differential issue and the fact that our low voltage line could get charged up with some serious voltage with a lightning strike.

    What a great solution it would be to deploy a Linksys wireless solution!

    So I am curious to know if there is anything in the Linksys line of products that has the ability to talk to another Linksys WAP device that acts as a repeater and to be able to authenticate via a static IP address.

    I have 5 IP addresses with my T1 is there any way to assign these static IP addresses out to my neighbors that are sharing my connection via a Linksys device.

    I do have a WR54GX2 as my internal WAP - but I'm not sure this is any help in our scenario...

    In a perfect world we are looking for a solution that can handle some distance - maybe blast through some light trees - authenticate via static IP addresses and be reasonably economical.

    I know that is a lot to ask for but I figure there has to be someone that has run into similar challenges and come up with a Linksys powered solution to overcome them.

    Thanks in advance for the mighty mind that can provide some direction for me.


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