question/request about the LED in Tedy_bear build

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by DeCex, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. DeCex

    DeCex LI Guru Member

    Hi, just wanna say Thanks for yours non-USB version. Im running a Baffalo WHR-G125 router. Flash with your latest non-USB version. System works.

    I have question/request about the LED though. Iv have collect some useful info about the WHR-G125 router that might help. Also including front-picture of the router itself so you can determine what is what.

    Router reply on executing ´led´command from Tomato webgui tools menu
    led <wlan/diag/aoss/bridge/mystery> <on/off> [...]

    Script currently running (found on dd-wrt Wiki)WLAN Status ( - Buffalo Routers
    AOSS LED to show WLAN is associated with clients.
    Bridge LED flashes when data is transmitted over WLAN.

    I=`nvram get wl0_ifname`
    while sleep 1; do
      if [ "`wl assoclist`" != "" ]; then
        XFER=`ifconfig $I|grep bytes`
        if [ "$XFER" != "$PXFER" ]; then
          LED='gpio disable 1 ; gpio enable 1 ; gpio disable 6'
          LED='gpio disable 6'
        LED='gpio enable 6'
      if [ "$LED" != "$PLED" ]; then
        eval $LED
    I was wondering about the Diag/Router and the Security LED. How to make them work?. Can it be done by scripting?

    Here also a scheme of the LEDS

    Pin Direction Use
    GPIO 0 Input AOSS button
    GPIO 1 Output Bridge LED
    GPIO 2 Output WLAN LED
    GPIO 3 Output Extra LED between bridge and WLAN
    GPIO 4 Input Reset button
    GPIO 5 Input Bridge/auto switch
    GPIO 6 Output AOSS LED
    GPIO 7 Output DIAG LED
    GPIO 8 n/a Unkown/none
    GPIO 9 Output Power LED

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  2. DeCex

    DeCex LI Guru Member

    Log - WHR-G125

    I dunno if this log entries are bug items. Its thare ....

    user.err kernel: sflash: found no supported devices
    cron.err crond[104]: time disparity of 21105268 minutes detected
  3. teddy_bear

    teddy_bear Network Guru Member

    Hmm... You posted it yourself ;) :
    led <wlan/diag/aoss/bridge/mystery> <on/off> [...]
    So use "led diag off" or "led diag on" commands to control the diag led. Replace "diag" with "aoss" to control the security led.
    No, both are normal.
  4. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Moved to seperate thread
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