Questions about NAS200 by a Noob :-).

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Kaisser74, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Kaisser74

    Kaisser74 Addicted to LI Member

    Hello everyone.

    I will like to buy a NAS200 and I have a some questions:

    a) NAS200 vs XBOX360. I will connect well them?

    b) I will have a large files, more bigger than 4 GB?? How? (NTFS, HFS+,... support??)

    c) Twonky. I will be able to update it? I will used another media server??

    d) NAS 200 is slow? I read more issues about it

    Excusme, me english is horrible

  2. Zoltair

    Zoltair LI Guru Member

    Best advice, is to buy something else........
    I recently got suckered into the NAS200 by its price, but it is not just slow, it is obscenely slow. Even the web gui is SLOW to respond. There are so many issues with this unit that the manufacture refuses to resolve, I recommend AVOID IT!!!!.
    Even upgrading to another OS will not fix the hardware problems. As a media streamer, it can't even provide sustained throughput for MP3's without becoming choppy and unresponsive. The best throughput I could muster with a single user was only about 35% network utilization, and other other simultaneous access drops it to damn near 0 (ZERO). 6Hours to copy a 2G data file the NAS200.!!!!!

    Get an old PC and use FreeNAS, it out performs the NAS200 in EVERY WAY!!!

    The NAS200 is junk..... Hope my English gets through.
  3. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Do you have experience hacking into hardware, or would you like to learn?
    2. Do you like to be challenged, e.g. fixing problems like hard disks overheating
    3. In general, do you like to void the warranty on electronics right after you buy it?
    4. Would you forgive your NAS for being slow?
    5. Would you forgive your NAS for being incompatible with your media player (e.g. XBox 360)?

    Count the number of YES answers.
    If the total number of YES answers is 0, you DEFINITELY don't want the NAS200.
    If the total number of YES answers is 1, you PROBABLY don't want the NAS200.
    If the total number of YES answers is 2, you MAYBE don't want the NAS200.
    If the total number of YES answers is 3, it's UNLIKELY that you want the NAS200.
    If the total number of YES answers is 4, you MIGHT want the NAS200.
    If the total number of YES answers is 5, you PROBABLY want the NAS200.

    I recommend for lots and lots of reviews and benchmark tests of NAS devices in all price ranges.

    You will probably have to install my Jac2b firmware and manually update the Twonky server for optimal compatibility with XBox 360.

    This should not be a problem at least on the built-in disks because it uses XFS or ext2 file system. When using USB-attached disks, it can only use the FAT32 file system so the limit in file size on USB devices is 4GB.

    You can only update Twonky if you run an alternative firmware such as my Jac2b. The update process is not easy and requires some Linux knowledge.

    Maximum throughput is about 4 megabytes per second (journaled file system) or 6 megabytes per second (non-journaled file system). In most cases, it's faster to connect a hard disk to your computer via a USB connection.

    You can send me a PM to ask your questions in Dutch if you want :grin:

  4. Kaisser74

    Kaisser74 Addicted to LI Member


    First, thanks for yours answers.


    1. I want to learn, always ;-). I have some knowledge in programming. YES
    2. Yes, I know the thermal pasta and have some sensors of temperature in house. YES
    3. I hack my 360 and it has a firmware xtreme. YES
    4. I think that not, I need to copy movies in high definition NO
    5. No. NO

    oh my god, I have obtained three points :S

    a) I think that i can learn how to do this.
    b) OK, it´s a great notice.
    c) ok.
    d) I think that NAS200 is slow :(

    When I stream video in high definition from the NAS 200 to xbox360 is very possible that the Twonky loses the connection on having been so slow the transfer of information. Yesterday I used Twonky on my pc and some films caused the loss connection/down the connection. (Well, I have to investigate this in any case).

    These are my candidates:
    - LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 1 TB 209€
    LaCie - Ethernet Disk mini - Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0

    - W.D. World Edition 1 TB Cerca de 200€ también, quizás algo menos.
    Discos duros My Book World Edition 1 TB ( WDH1NC10000 )

    - NAS200+WD6400AAKS Linksys 135€

    I hope to read today this web and learn more about this "hardware".

    Thank you very much.

    Pd: In German? Not thank you :D xD
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