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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by elitesk, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. elitesk

    elitesk LI Guru Member


    New here, hopin to get some advise & questions answered. Did a search but could'nt find any conlusive answers so I hope you dont mind another RVS post:wink:

    I'm getting a 100/100 fiber connection soon and since I only get one (1) static IP adress (Telia, Sweden) and i'm hosting 2 servers (dedicated game servers) i need i router that can handle high NAT troughput. Found the RVS4000 which according to specifications has a WAN-LAN troughput of 800Mbps - got my attention:biggrin:

    But, looking at various reviews there seems to be some discussion over weather this is true or not?`I dont need the inspection module turned on but i would need NAT to be enabled.

    Can you guys that own this device tell me something about it's NAT throughput? Can it hande a 100/100Mbit fiber connection, both ways?

    Server config:

    1 x CounterStrike: Source 32 players 100 TIC
    1 x Team Fortress 2 30 players
    1 x Team Fortress 2 30 players
    1 x Call Of Duty 4 20 players
    1 x Call Of Duty 4 20 players

    So, a maximum of 132 clients connected, generating about 20kb/s (both ways) per second.

    Above this we have 3 x HLstatsX instances and 2 x statsengine for COD4, each generating a few kb/s.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    That speed is more likely the theoretical speed using UDP and not TCP at my guess. Also IPS, QoS, Access Rules, Firewall and Logging may have been disabled. you may have an ISP that promotes 100/100 but have you run any speed tests on that? Bottle necks on that speed are the internet itself and not just your WAN.

    Also make sure you have a large TCP Receive Window on your Computers settings to take in the faster connectivity.
  3. elitesk

    elitesk LI Guru Member

    W're on a dedicated 100/100 connection today at my brothers work (outsourcing company) and the servers can handle the traffic (Q6600's with 4Gb RAM, Windows Server 2003). Unfortunately we cant have the servers there anymore since the buisiness is beeing laid down, hence my order for the 100/100 to my house. From others that have this service (Telia Fiber-LAN) i have recieved reports that it delivers ~90-97Mbps both ways.

    The issue that i have is that I need a router/FW that can handle that kind of traffic when NAT is enabled. W're planning to add more servers as our userbase increase so the bandwidht is needed.


  4. donathome

    donathome LI Guru Member

    This router does NOT meet spec. Do NOT buy it. I am getting about 10Mbits/sec throughput with everything disabled. When I connect the PC directly, I am getting my full link speed. This is very repeatable so I know the router is just slow.

    Good Luck
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